How to choose a color


The color you choose for your pavers and walls can have a dramatic effect on your outdoor space. Here are some tips for navigating the color selection process:

Find inspiration

Visit one of our Unilock Outdoor Idea Centers to see products laid in large scale, natural settings. This can help you appreciate how the color swatches you see in our catalog look in real life applications. Or take a stroll through your local neighborhood and take note of the colors that you’re drawn too. You may even find inspiration in the exterior brick of your home, other elements of your landscape or a door color.

Consider the specific application

Are you paving a pool deck? Or adding an extension to your existing patio? Perhaps you’re connecting your driveway to your backyard retreat with a walkway. Each application might be best suited for a different color. For a pool deck, we recommend light colors that are cooler on the feet, while a driveway might be better suited for a darker shade.   If you’re adding onto an existing patio you might decide to complement the color rather than try to match it exactly.

Complement other key elements

Take into account all of the key elements in your existing landscape, the architecture of your home, exterior colors, fences nearby, existing walls and more. 

Add an accent or border

Think one color is boring? Add a border, accent or inlay in your design with a different color to create a subtle variation that is appealing to the eye. By using the same accent in your walls, pillars or planters you will create a cohesive look and feel, and make your project feel truly special. 

Tools to help:

Mix and match online

Simply drag and drop various borders, accents and color swatches next to each other and start to envision the possibilities.

Physical samples

Visit one of our Outdoor Idea Centers and take home FREE product samples. Or ask your contractor to bring samples to your home. Seeing samples in natural light will show the truest color and can help you to visualize how the project will look next to your home and existing landscape.