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Driveway Pavers for a Timeless Look for your Ottawa Home's Entrance

No landscape design is complete without a stunning driveway. Regardless of the quality of your Ottawa, ON home’s architecture and facade, your softscaping or personal touches, an unattractive driveway ruins the curb appeal of your property. This not only puts off guests and potential buyers, but lowers the value of your home. Maximize your house’s curb appeal by making sure your property is not only practical and functional, but also aesthetic.

Create the Ultimate Driveway

There are many ways to create a fantastic driveway. Gravel offers a rustic aesthetic, but can be a hassle to constantly get replaced and kept in line. Natural stone and brick look great, but can be costly – not just initially, but over years to come. Concrete pavers, on the other hand, offer a product that looks great, is cheap, and very low maintenance. The stunning array of available designs, combined with durability and strength, make creating a timeless look for your driveway a breeze. High quality pavers can offer the natural look of stone or brick whilst stronger and cheaper than the actual thing. Due to their longevity, pavers make a great long-term investment for any property. Following the initial cost of installation, there is little to worry about. In the unlikely event that a paver becomes damaged or lifts, it can be individually replaced or relaid.

Inviting Designs

A lot of care should be taken when choosing your driveway design. Pavers come in a mind-boggling variety, so it can be a bit overwhelming. Ideally, homeowners should select a paver that complements the look and feel of their home and yard. Here are some amazing options that give a timeless feel:
For those with a recently built home, or one renovated to reflect a modern outdoor setting, Artline pavers are a great choice. These pavers complement a modern home with their sleek and elegant plank-like design, resulting in a minimalist driveway that welcomes guests while showcasing the quality of your property. Homeowners who prefer to come home to an Old European estate, however, might find the quaint aesthetic of Courtstone pavers more to their taste. Suited to properties with historical architecture and modern design alike, Courtstone pavers recreate the authentic cobblestone look that will transport visitors to a different age altogether.
That being said, sometimes striking a balance between new and old is more appropriate, and Hollandstone fits this niche nicely. This durable paver comes in a variety of colors, from the brick-like appearance of Rustic Red to cold Granite. Its regular rectangular shape lends itself to interesting paving patters, allowing one to introduce visual interest without it becoming distracting.

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Get the Job Done Right

Upgrading or establishing a paver driveway is a job that should only be attempted by the experienced and qualified. With the cost and time involved, it’s not something homeowners want to have redone or spend unnecessary amounts maintaining in the case of shoddy workmanship. It’s best to hire an Authorized Unilock Contractor to lay down your driveway pavers. They will be able to complete the job with precision and in a timely fashion, leaving you to rest assured in the knowledge that you have a beautiful, long lasting, and low maintenance driveway.

The title image features a driveway paved with Copthorne in a Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay and Old Oak blend.

Driveway Pavers for a Timeless Look for your Ottawa ON Home's Entrance


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