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3 Laying Patterns for Your Burlington, ON Driveway Pavers

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An intricate paver pattern can transform your basic driveway into a captivating landscape feature, adding character and curb appeal to your property. Utilizing the right driveway paver choice for your Burlington, ON driveway should result in a design that isn’t overpowering, allowing other landscape features to act as focal points. The greater the number of paver sizes available, the greater the number of possible patterns and designs. Opting for three or more different paver sizes will result in a random effect while an understated and uniform driveway can be created using one or two paver sizes.
Consider adding a border course along the edge of your paver driveway for an enhanced sense of design interest. Working with a qualified landscape professional will ensure you are educated on all the possibilities for your home’s driveway design. Let’s a have a look at a few of the major choices.

Running Bond Pattern for your Driveway Pavers

Running bond is one of the simplest offset paving patterns. An offset pattern is one in which a degree of interlock has been created by breaking the continuous joints in one direction. The joints in a running bond pattern are offset by exactly half the width of the pavers. Perhaps most commonly found in traditional brick applications, concrete pavers today can also be installed using a running bond pattern.
This laying pattern can make your driveway appear longer or wider, depending on the direction in which the pavers are laid. It is one of the most common patterns used today due to its versatility and easy installation. Installing Unilock’s Courtstone pavers in a running bond pattern can contribute a historic charm for your driveway, while the sleek design of Unilock’s Promenade Plank Paver can serve as the perfect accent to a modern home — all while still using the running bond pattern.

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Herringbone Pattern for Your Driveway Pavers

Herringbone is an interlocking pattern commonly used for areas of high traffic. Renowned for its durability and increased interlock strength, this laying pattern will ensure that your driveway pavers are not moved out of place despite the regular movement of vehicles on the surface. The pavers are laid in alternate directions, at 45 or 90 degrees, to create a ‘V’-like shape. Incorporating concrete pavers of different shades can allow you to create intricate details, borders and accents. Unilock’s Town Hall pavers offer a range of rich earthy shades and the cool tones of Heritage Clay, presenting driveway design possibilities to suit both traditional and contemporary homes. Utilizing more than one shade will also add depth and interest to the finished Burlington, ON driveway project.
Damaged pavers within the interlock are easy to lift and replace, leaving no signs of repair. The concrete pavers can also withstand various snow removal mechanisms and freeze-thaw cycles, resulting in a strong, reliable surface all year round.

Circles and Fan Patterns for Your Driveway Pavers

Laying rows of pavers in a circular formation can create a focal point to interrupt a large, flat driveway. This pattern can be used as in inlay with a variety of other laying patterns, including herringbone and running bond, contributing variation to the surface. Half and quarter circles can also be formed using this pattern, creating designs that complement the surrounding landscape or draw attention to the home. There will be small spaces between the pavers which can be filled with jointing sand in an assortment of possible colors. Your jointing sand can echo shades within the architecture of your house or blend in with the surrounding pavers for a seamless design.
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