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Designing Tiered Retaining Walls in Katonah, NY

Designing Tiered Retaining Walls in Katonah, NY

Tiered retaining walls are great for yards with deep slopes or large hilly areas that need correction. A tiered design allows for greater stability, accessible planting space, and a stylish look. If you have slope in your yard that needs to be corrected, here’s how having a tiered retaining wall designed for your Katonah, NY, yard can help.


Added Stability

For large spaces or very deep slopes, a tiered design can help to reinforce large amounts of earth and add stability where necessary. By installing a number of smaller retaining walls to form tiers or terraces, the weight of the slope is more evenly distributed between individual walls, for less overall pressure on each wall. This means that if installed by a knowledgeable and experienced contractor, like a Unilock Authorized Contractor, it should last a lifetime. For serious slopes that require heavy-duty retaining walls, Sienastone is a stylish solution that will provide stability. It’s made specifically for large-scale projects, and will stand up to the job of holding back your extreme slope.


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Usable Space

Tiered designs create accessible space that you can use for decorative or edible plantings. Tiered designs have long been used in agriculture to maximize arable land and aid irrigation. This arrangement allows plants on all levels of the slope to receive the right amount of sunlight and water. It also makes it easier for you to access these areas if you have stairs built into the design.

RomanWall is the perfect choice for those interested in incorporating plantings into their terracing. The natural texture of Roman Wall is reminiscent of hand-shaped stones used in traditional European design, and contrasts perfectly with natural mulches and foliage. The tapered pieces and coping can be used to create beautiful staircases that you can use to access your flowers, trees, shrubs, or whatever you choose to plant. Install native species to transform your tiered yard into a beautiful haven for bees and butterflies.


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Stylish Solutions

Having a sloped yard is not only inconvenient and potentially dangerous, but can also be unsightly, especially when soil erosion sets in. Adding tiered walls allows you to transform your slope into a neat, organized, and safe space. Concord Wall is a strong, dimensionally accurate option, that corrects automatically to provide the right slope. Available in colors like Almond Grove and Granite, there’s a color options to match every design, be it modern, traditional, or classic. Concord Wall holds back any slope for a solution to your problem that looks great. Even sloping in your front yard can be contained and look good, turning an awkward front yard into usable space that looks elegant. Use the tapered pieces and coping units to build a beautiful staircase for your front yard. The split rock texture of Concord Wall is also a great match for popular Unilock pavers, such as Beacon Hill Flagstone.

No matter how big or small your slope is, a tiered retaining wall can provide you with safety and style, in addition to creating usable, accessible space. Different applications might require specially designed walls, so be sure to hire a Unilock Authorized Contractor for their familiarity with Unilock products and unparalleled expertise.


The title image features a Concord Wall tiered retaining wall system and Beacon Hill Flagstone patio.


Designing Tiered Retaining Walls in Katonah, NY

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