Advantages of Permeable Paving

More and more homeowners are installing permeable paver projects to help direct rainfall away from storm sewer systems and back into the natural ecosystem.

We take pride in offering the widest selection of permeable pavers in North America. From traditional finishes such as Town Hall®, the only rustic style permeable paver in North America, to the contemporary styling of Eco-line®, there is a permeable Unilock product to suit any project.

The pavers used in a permeable installation look very similar to traditional pavers, but are made with extra space between them so rainwater can flow back into the earth below, instead of running off the surface into storm sewers.

Special materials are used in the permeable base and joints to encourage water to flow through. Unilock® permeable paver choices can be found on pages 61, 69 and 100-101.

Some homeowners install rainwater collection systems underneath their paver projects to supply water to in-ground sprinkler systems!

INTERESTING FACT A permeable paver will accumulate less ice because water will drain from the paver surface before it has time to freeze.