Unilock Umbriano Pavers Create A Magical Yet Functional Poolside Patio In This Pleasant Valley, NY Landscape


This sprawling poolscape extends an impressive 2,200-square feet on a lovely Pleasant Valley, NY property. Incorporating the open-air layout and direct sunlight that the yard receives, Adams Landscaping designed a landscape reconstruction that utilizes the land’s prime, expansive location, optimizing its full capacity for outdoor leisure and swimming. With the foresight to allocate the property into different outdoor rooms, family and guests can take full advantage of this spacious area; the hardscape configuration creates a natural flow of movement—from the seating area, to the indoor lounge, and of course, to the sunny pool. This well-composed hardscape creates new opportunities to enjoy the expansive property, all the while blending hardscape with its natural surroundings.

The poolside patio is paved with Unilock Umbriano throughout, in the Winter Marvel shade which tastefully blends a rich, charcoal black with a cooler white. This provides a smooth, comfortable surface for walking and lounging just after stepping out of the pool. Finishing off the edge of the pool, the deep Charcoal Brussels Fullnose coping safely welcomes swimmers while also enhancing the hardscape’s overall aesthetic. Finally, the patio is framed with an expanse of natural, earth-toned stones to seamlessly blend the hardscape with the soft, easing the transition to the rest of the yard. This whole area is encircled and enhanced by a balanced outdoor lighting design, showcasing the layout and ensuring optimum safety as guests socialize into the evening hours.


Adams Landscaping artistically focused on creating a functional outdoor living area perfect for dining and hosting, which balances with the geometric pool design. By setting it off to one side, the pool’s placement allows ample room for enjoying the patio area without placing guests in the splash zone. Its location also creates a clear reflection of both the open sky and nearby foliage, creating a space that complements the natural beauty of the area. Both in purpose and beauty, this thoughtfully balanced poolscape reflects a property where family and friends can fully appreciate the beauty of their property.


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