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Design Ideas for Pool Decks

Design ideas for pool patio decks

An in-ground swimming pool is a magnet for splashing good times. It’s also a big project that requires careful thought and planning. Your pool area should add aesthetic beauty to your backyard – but also be safe, functional and durable for years to come. If you’re wondering where to start, you can dive in here.

Points on placement

Of course, the size of your pool and surrounding patio will depend on the amount of space you have to work with in your backyard. You may want a large pool – but that may reduce the size of the pool deck area. Balance your wants with the space you have available.

An important factor in the placement of your pool is drainage of excess water. Water should always flow away from the pool and your home. If the pool decking can’t be graded to allow for proper drainage, drains will need to be installed to carry water to an appropriate location.

Look at the surrounding trees. Mature trees can provide privacy and welcome relief on a hot afternoon. But if your trees have aggressive, expansive root systems, you want to place your pool far away or you could find yourself with significant damage down the road.

Protect tender tootsies

Hot sun, bare feet and children squealing with delight as they run in and out and around the pool can be a dangerous combination. When planning your pool deck, look for safe, non-slip surfaces that are cool to the touch to avoid scorching tender feet. Umbriano pavers resist the absorption of summer heat to keep bare feet comfortable, and the slip-resistant surface prevents falls even when the deck is wet.

More play time than work

Chances are you want to spend your free time relaxing in the pool, rather than maintaining your pool deck. Create your pool patio with pavers that provide lasting beauty and durability without the rigors of continuous maintenance. Townhall, Umbriano or Richcliff pavers from Unilock prevent fading, staining and other damage caused by weather, time and pool chemicals. Plus, they come with a lifetime guarantee making them worry-free for years.

Disrupt the eye

Add visual interest to your pool deck area by incorporating inviting spaces for seating and dining. Separate the areas with paver borders, various paver colors or pattern changes. Create different levels by installing stone steps up to elevated eating corner. Low half walls can be used as seating benches without taking up patio space. Select a smooth, rounded coping such a Ledgestone or Brussels Fullnose to prevent chaffing or swimsuit damage.

Light the way

When the sun fades but the fun doesn’t, lighting creates a whole new vibe – not to mention adds an element of safety for nighttime swimmers. Consider the traffic flow around your pool deck and incorporate suitable lighting features in your plans. It can be costly and challenging to add lighting after the installation is complete.

Features that beckon

There is nothing more soothing than the sound of a gentle waterfall. Incorporating a water feature into your pool design adds visual and auditory appeal. Add an outdoor fireplace and situate comfy seating around it so bathers can warm up by the hearth in the cool evening air.

Thoughtful planning and the right materials are critical to creating an outdoor oasis that will be the source of summer fun and special memories for years to come. Talk to an authorized Unilock contractor to start turning your ideas into reality today.

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