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What Pavers Tend to Work Best With an Outdoor Kitchen in Wading River, NY?


The title image features Artline patio pavers and a Lineo Dimensional Stone grill island.


If you found yourself using your Wading River, NY, backyard more than ever over the past year, you may have noticed some shortcomings in your outdoor living spaces. Perhaps you have been fantasizing about adding your outdoor kitchen to your backyard. Along with the materials used for the kitchen itself, you’ll also need to choose the pavers that will look best alongside it.



Quality, Stain-Resistant Pavers

By their nature, outdoor kitchens are often an unforgiving and harsh environment for pavers. Not only are the pavers exposed to weather, there’s a constant danger of spilled food and beverages that could mar the surface. That’s why the best approach is to choose pavers that are built to last and that feature a durable sealant that is impervious to acidic condiments and grease—namely, products infused with Unilock EasyClean stain resistance.



Here are a few choices based on some popular design themes.


For a Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Area

This warm, relaxed style features pronounced textures, earthy tones, and casual laying patterns. Popular styles include brick as well as pavers inspired by flagstone.


Bristol Valley pavers can be ideal for relaxed outdoor kitchens. They are available in two earthy tones that look particularly stunning beside stained wood (if your kitchen is situated under a wood pergola, these pavers will beautifully integrate the space). The realistic flagstone texture is protected by EasyClean, and the relaxed laying patterns add to the casual vibe of your outdoor living space.


If you want the look of timeworn brick, you can’t go wrong with Copthorne or Town Hall pavers. Inspired by historic European street pavers, Copthorne pavers give your outdoor kitchen a warm and inviting look (and these pavers feature Ultima Concrete Technology, which makes them durable enough for use on driveways). The larger Town Hall pavers—inspired by vintage North American street pavers—add elegance and can be ideal


for visually balancing larger outdoor kitchens and homes. Both of these pavers are designed to be used as either a single color for a unified look, or you can achieve a gorgeous custom aesthetic by blending two or three of the available colors randomly on site.


If you admire the look of bluestone, you could opt for Richcliff pavers, which feature an ultra-realistic flagstone texture.



For a Modern Outdoor Kitchen Area

The chic Arcana paver is a stunning and unique 24” square paver with an interesting silky matte finish. This paver could be considered a neutral style (which pairs beautifully with granite countertops), but it’s anything but boring thanks to randomly dispersed granite, quartz, and marble particles that contribute to these pavers’ incredible depth of character. And this paver features EasyClean technology, which makes cleanup easy: Just wipe and go.


Umbriano pavers feature the classic appeal of granite in a smooth finish, mottled appearance, and a range of colors that pair well with granite or poured concrete countertops. These pavers are also sealed with EasyClean. These pavers are moderately sized and come in a random bundle of several shapes and sizes for easy cleaning.


The pavers are just as important as the rest of the decisions you’ll make for your new outdoor kitchen. Get more inspiration for pavers and walls that could be ideal for your outdoor kitchen on the Unilock Dream page, or connect with your local Unilock Authorized Contractor.


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