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The Best Pavers and Stone Options for Fireside Spaces in Brick, NJ

The Best Pavers and Stone Options for Fireside Spaces in Brick, NJ

The title image features Brussels Block pavers and Brussels Dimensional System.


Nothing is more relaxing than hanging out by the fire on a warm summer evening. Choosing the right pavers to complement your outdoor fireplace or fire pit helps set the tone for the kind of experience you want. Whether you love casual spaces or prefer a more elegant space, here’s a guide to the best pavers and stone options for fireside spaces in Brick, NJ.


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Making the Right Choice

One of the biggest considerations when choosing fireside materials is ease of maintenance. If you have a wood-fueled fire pit or fireplace, it’s going to be much easier to keep the area clean if you use smooth-textured pavers in a large format size (less joint lines for ash and/or wood debris to collect in). This is not a concern with natural gas- or propane-fueled fire features, but no matter the type of fire feature you have, you want pavers around it that are sealed to prevent stains from spilled beverages or sticky marshmallows.


For a modern vibe, you’ll want to put Umbriano pavers from Unilock on your consideration list. You’d be giving your outdoor space an elegant touch with a granite-like surface. The mottled surface contains real granite particles for an authentic look, and the pavers are sealed with EasyClean, an integral surface stain protection. Choose French Grey, Summer Wheat, or Winter Marvel at fireside, with the stunning Midnight Sky as an accent. Umbriano pavers pair well with the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System, which you can use to build completely custom fire features.


Surround your fire feature with the easygoing comfort of flagstone. The budget-friendly Westport pavers from Unilock feature EasyClean as well as rugged surface and irregular sides that make for a casual fireside experience. The irregularities are only on the surface; underneath, the pavers are designed to fit snugly together for durability. These pavers are modestly sized, which adds to a cozy and intimate feel at fireside. Steel Mountain, Bavarian Blend, and New York Blend match any design aesthetic, and the dramatic Charcoal makes for a chic accent or border. Combine the relaxed feel of Westport pavers with the rugged appeal of Estate Wall or RomanWall verticals, which can be used to construct custom fire features.


Could Natural Stone Be the Answer?

Give your fireside experience a natural touch with Unilock Natural Stone. Choose from the sleek and sophisticated Limestone in Hearthstone or Winter Mist with Black River accents, or the relaxed textured appearance of Sandstone in Stone Cliff Grey, Indian Coast, or Autumn Harvest. Unilock Natural Stone is a great choice if you’re looking for top quality stone. Unilock Natural Stone is not only beautiful, but it is carefully selected for low permeability to ensure strength and durability for many years in the tough NJ winters and blistering summers. Unilock Natural Stone pairs well with both rustic and modern verticals, so you’re always sure your fire feature can be any design style you want! While natural stone must be sealed to maintain its low water absorption and make cleanup easier, its charm is unparalleled, and natural stone will give you many years of enjoyment!


Completing the Look

Achieve the ultimate in relaxation with the delightfully casual look of weathered, tumbled Brussels Block. Choose from Limestone, Sierra, New York Blend, Sandstone, and Almond Grove. Whether you use the Sunset fire pit kit, Tuscany fireplace kit, or build a custom fire feature using Brussels Dimensional System, you’ll get a unified theme reminiscent of Tuscan villas—a been-there-forever look that just begs for families and friends to gather around.


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