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Stunning Designs That Incorporate Concrete Pavers in Blue Bell, PA


The title image features Richcliff and Lineo Dimensional Stone



Modern landscape design trends are moving toward re-creating the indoor living experience in the great outdoors. This effect is made all the more possible because of the variety of paver choices—varied colors, textures, and styles mean homeowners can easily find and establish the look they want and will enjoy for their outdoor living spaces. To inspire your next landscaping project, here are stunning designs that incorporate concrete pavers in Blue Bell, PA.



Less Lawn, More Space for Living


As homeowners make an effort to reduce their environmental impact, thirsty and chemical-intensive lawns are getting smaller. They are being replaced by low-maintenance and water-wise xeriscaping and larger patio spaces where the family can relax and spend more time outdoors. Whether the backyard space is large or small, a paver patio can make the most of the space you do have and encourage you to actually enjoy the landscape instead of constantly worrying about its maintenance needs.


A wonderful choice for integrating the patio into the landscape is the rustic flagstone texture of Richcliff pavers. Their ultra-realistic flagstone texture is created using Reala Technology, a manufacturing method that takes casts from a multitude of natural stone textures. You’ll never see pattern repeats, and you can use this versatile paver not only on your patio but on walkways, pool decks, and driveways. Choose from Pebble Taupe, Smoke Shale, and Dawn Mist. Or combine Pebble Taupe and Dawn Mist or Dawn Mist and Smoke Shale for a more varied and unique aesthetic.



Geometric Designs


Modern landscapes are often characterized by the use of geometric shapes for a simple, structured, and linear aesthetic. A simple walkway using individual Arcana pavers in the light gray Corvara color and set in decorative pebbles could lead to a patio that features a modern fireplace faced with Rivercrest Wall in Coastal Slate. The mix of textures and finishes makes for a visually interesting space that perfectly marries the rustic, textural appeal of Rivercrest Wall and pebbles with the silky, matte texture of Arcana.


Large format pavers such as Skyline or Arcana can be ideal for geometric designs such as a stepping stone walkway set in grass or decorative stone.



A Zen Space


In our increasingly stress-filled world, there is no better escape than nature. Having a backyard retreat can enhance your wellbeing. A design focused around this concept tends to be all about simplicity and tranquility. Begin with relaxed pavers in cool, calming colors, such as Bristol Valley in Steel Mountain. The subtle textures and blended colors are decidedly unfussy, and the relaxed laying pattern contributes to the tranquility of the space. Surround your zen retreat with a teak privacy wall, and add a small water fountain set among the foliage to help mask environmental sounds. Use monochromatic plantings to soothe the senses, and add a hammock or comfortable place to sit, where you can unplug from the world.



Blending Natural and Industrial Elements


Expertly lending natural and industrial elements is a big part of modern landscape design. Oiled cherry wood with rusted steel privacy screen can make for a dramatic contrast with granite-looking Umbriano pavers in the Summer Wheat color to create a chic patio that’s visually stunning. Add wooden benches, a pergola, and an outdoor kitchen and fire feature made using Lineo Dimensional Stone in Sierra—pair these materials with stainless steel appliances—and the result will be an extraordinary space with character and modern flair.


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