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Safety First! 3 Ideas for Adding Safety to a Blue Bell, PA, Pool Deck


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Summer around the pool is all about fun, and no one wants the fun to stop because of an accident. Here are three ideas for adding safety to a pool deck in Blue Bell, PA, so that everyone can keep the focus on having a good time.



A Non-Slip Surface

An often-repeated warning is to not run at the poolside because surfaces can become slick—and not only from water that is splashed out of the pool. Any water that exits the pool, whether by splashing or by dripping off someone’s body, comes potentially loaded with oily substances like sunscreen as well as pool chemicals. This can essentially create a greasy and slippery film on the pool deck; and if this film lands on a surface that is not non-slip, the outcome could be very painful.


Starting with a paver that features a non-slip surface is the first line of defense against slipping. Unilock pavers, particularly those that are popular at the poolside, feature non-slip surfaces. This applies whether the pavers are textured or smooth (the “smooth” finish is more like a pebbled finish, which is grippy).


Some popular pool deck pavers include:




Umbriano pavers add a sleek modern flair to your poolside. These pavers feature randomly dispersed real granite particles and rich color for a dynamic look around the pool. French Grey, Summer Wheat, and Winter Marvel are popular pool deck colors, while the dramatic Midnight Sky makes for striking borders and accents. Umbriano comes in four relatively large sizes: 8” x 16”, 12” x 24”, 16” x 16”, and 24” x 24” for plenty of design versatility.



Bristol Valley

Bristol Valley pavers feature a subtle flagstone texture and warm blended colors for a relaxed poolside setting. The subtle texture is comfortable to walk on, won’t snag swimsuits, and looks absolutely stunning in the low light of morning and afternoon. Choose from Bavarian or Steel Mountain—two mid-tone shades that go well with nearly any home. The paver comes in random bundles of several shapes and sizes, allowing for a variety of relaxed laying patterns.


Hex Pavers

Add a modern look to your pool deck with hexagonal honeycomb-stye pavers. Choose one color for a unified look, or have fun blending several colors to create a one-of-a-kind pool deck. This shape is also available as part of the Granito product line, which can add a bold and dramatic granite aesthetic to your pool deck.



For a modern linear look, consider Artline pavers. For the poolside, you could choose the Umbriano Mottled finish in French Grey or Winter Marvel.


An EasyClean Surface

It’s not just water that makes poolsides potentially slick; it’s also the oils, pool chemicals, and even spilled food and beverages. Make your life easier with speedy clean-up EasyClean stain resistance technology. All four of the Unilock pavers listed above feature this stain protection. Regular cleaning throughout the summer season will help keep your pavers free of any substances that could cause slipping hazards.

Want to see these pavers featured in real settings? Visit the Unilock Dream page or contact your local Unilock Authorized Contractor.


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