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Natural Stone vs Concrete Pavers for Poolsides in Warwick, NY

Natural Stone vs Concrete Pavers for Poolsides in Warwick, NY

The title image features Natural Stone.


Summer fun usually centers around the pool. If it’s time for a pool deck upgrade, you may get stuck on how to choose between natural stone and concrete pavers Here’s a handy guide to help you decide between natural stone vs. concrete pavers for poolsides in Warwick, NY.


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First, let’s explore the similarities. Both natural stone and concrete pavers from Unilock deliver on high quality: Choose among an exceptional range of styles, colors, textures, and finishes. There’s also an the Unilock lifetime guarantee—if your pool deck is installed to the Unilock specifications by a Unilock Authorized Contractor, you will have absolute peace of mind about your investment.


Natural Stone from Unilock

Natural stone is loved for its uniqueness. Each stone, even from the same batch from the same quarry, will be somewhat different from its neighbors. Each stone is beautiful, but the combination of dozens or hundreds of stones on your pool deck is nothing short of stunning and one-of-a-kind!


Natural Sandstone from Unilock is factory finished with a durable non-slip surface that’s always barefoot-friendly. Sandstone is available in two warm tones (Autumn Harvest and Indian Coast) for a relaxed beachy feel, or opt for a cool, sophisticated Stone Cliff Grey reminiscent of exclusive spas. The slabs are available as large-format squares or rectangles, which beautifully show off the stones’ natural beauty.


Limestone from Unilock is available in three colors, two of which make for a sophisticated poolside: Hearthstone and Winter Mist (the third color, Black River, is considered too dark for pool use). Unilock Limestone features a non-slip surface, low water absorption, flexural strength, and freeze-thaw durability.


Concrete Pavers from Unilock

Perhaps the most compelling reason to choose concrete pavers over natural stone is design flexibility. Concrete pavers offer more size, color, texture, and finish options. You can get the look of natural stone in an expanded color palette. Or choose pavers with a more modern twist in colors and finishes for a fresh contemporary feel.


For a visually interesting pool deck, Beacon Hill Flagstone offers a wider range of colors than natural sandstone. The pronounced texture looks amazing in the low light of morning and afternoon yet remains barefoot- and swimsuit-friendly. Choose from Almond Grove, Fossil, New York Blend, Sierra, Steel Mountain, or Tuscany. The pavers are modestly sized, allowing for multiple laying patterns.


For a modern touch, consider the trendy linear vibe of Artline pavers. French Grey or Winter Marvel are perfect for a modern poolside with their mottled, non-slip Umbriano finishes. Other colors (available in a smooth finish) include Copper Ridge, Steel Mountain, and Tuscany. All Unilock paver colors beautifully complement Unilock wall blocks or panels for a cohesive poolside.


Granito pavers in Notte or Sabia will give your poolside the chic upscale look of natural granite without the cost or maintenance hassles. Unilock Artista Color Technology gives this paver a unique, boldly mottled finish, and your poolside will benefit from the long-lasting color and refined finish of EnduraColor.


Umbriano pavers are another granite-like paver with a modern twist. The pavers are infused with real granite particles, to give these pavers incredible sheen and character. Enjoy French Grey, Summer Wheat, or Winter Marvel at the poolside. Extend Umbriano pavers into your patio and outdoor kitchen, where the EasyClean offers unparalleled surface stain protection—never worry again about dropped ice cream or pool chemicals!


Want more ideas? Visit the Unilock design tips page or contact your local Unilock Authorized Contractor.


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