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How Paving Choices and Stones Transform Walkways in Toms River NJ

How Paving Choices and Stones Transform Walkways in Toms River, NJ
The title image features Courtstone walkway pavers.


A beautiful walkway to your front door or to your outdoor living space—one that’s filled with character and charm—adds beauty to your home. If you’re not sure about which paver styles to choose, here’s how paving choices and stones transform walkways in Toms River, NJ.


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Unilock concrete walkway pavers offer several key features, including slip-resistance, durability, low maintenance, a greater range of color choices, and ease of installation.



Granite and brick are traditional walkway materials. Today, you can achieve the same timeless look using manufactured stone. Umbriano pavers from Unilock dress up your walkway with the elegance of granite. Real granite particles are dispersed randomly throughout the pavers for a realistic look. They feature an easy-maintenance EasyClean Stain Resistance finish, and their durability and stylish appearance make them ideally suited for all residential applications including patios, walkways, pool decks, and driveways. Available in French Grey, Midnight Sky, Summer Wheat, and Winter Marvel, Umbriano pavers come in a random bundle of three moderately sized pavers to give you plenty of layout choices for your walkway.



Enhance a contemporary home with large-format pavers for a modern look. You could have them placed on the diagonal or possibly a diamond pattern, which gives you a visually stunning design. Larger pavers laid side by side are perfect for a more generously sized walkway. For backyard walkways, you could create a stone slab walkway by spacing pavers and filling in the spaces between them with grass.


Skyline pavers from Unilock are large-format (24” square) slabs available in two neutral colors (Chamois and Medium Grey). They can be customized with an optional Umbriano finish and EasyClean Stain Resistance.



For the warmest welcome to your home, choose a textured or weathered paver that looks as though it’s been welcoming visitors for centuries.


Mattoni pavers from Unilock offer a fresh take on the classic brick shape, with their slender profile and chic colors. Cocoa Brown, Sable, and Dark Charcoal give you a variety of design options just right for your home. Explore curves with Mattoni pavers: either as a curved walkway or as artistic inlays.


Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers from Unilock could be the perfect choice for a rustic-inspired walkway, especially if you love the look of bluestone. Their beautiful texture looks stunning in the golden hours of sunrise and sunset. Available in Steel Mountain, Fossil, New York Blend, Sierra, Tuscany, and Almond Grove. Blend two or three colors on site to achieve a completely custom look.


Natural Stone

If nothing but natural stone will do, Unilock offers two wonderful options in quality stone in large square and rectangles for a variety of laying patterns.


Limestone premium natural stone from Unilock gives your walkway a sophisticated air, with the stately colors of Hearthstone, Winter Mist, and Black River.


Sandstone premium natural stone from Unilock offers a warm welcome, in earth-toned shades of tan (Autumn Harvest and Indian Coast) and one soft light gray (Stone Cliff Grey).



Courtstone cobblestone-style pavers from Unilock can be the ideal border to add a sense of history and charm to your walkway. Available in Pebble Taupe, Dawn Mist, Basalt, and Belgian Blue.


Copthorne brick-style pavers are also popular borders and pair beautifully with any style paver. Choose from Burgundy Red, Old Oak, Steel Blue, Basalt, or Burnt Clay.


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