Hardscaping Ideas for Luxurious Poolscapes in Medford Lakes, NJ

Hardscaping Ideas for Luxurious Poolscapes in Medford Lakes, NJ


You don’t need to be an avid swimmer to recognize that a decked-out poolscape in Medford Lakes, NJ, can offer numerous wonderful benefits. For example, it will boost the aesthetic of your backyard and serve as the backdrop for stunning photographs. It also adds a fun, exciting element to your outdoor entertainment and can enhance your outdoor relaxation. Here are a few hardscaping ideas for to upgrading your poolscape:


A Vanishing Edge

A vanishing edge is created by constructing one edge of the pool shell at a height that makes it flush with the water level. It should be done on a slope, so that any water that spills over the edge may be collected by a concealed catchment area. Pools with vanishing edges are also typically built on slopes and hillsides because they facilitate the appreciation of exceptional views. If you are fortunate enough to have a magnificent view of the mountains, city, or seaside, consider a pool with a vanishing edge that overlooks your view. A pool with a vanishing edge seems to continue forever and becomes one with the landscape beyond.

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An Island and Bridge

An island can be constructed in any shape you desire and will add a new dimension to your poolside entertainment. It can be used as a space to tan or it can be made home to a fire pit that warms the chilly evening air. You could even create a beach bar on the island and serve cool, delicious cocktails at the water’s edge. Ensure that you can access the island without getting soaked.


A Sun Deck or Tanning Shelf

A sun deck serves as an ideal spot to bask in the sunshine after taking a refreshing dip in the pool. It is located along the perimeter of the pool and can be dotted with comfortable recliners for a resort-like look and feel. A tanning shelf is similar to a sun deck but is located in the pool. It is typically less than 12 inches deep and allows you to cool off while enjoying the sun’s rays all at once. It is often located at the entrance to the pool and can span its entire width or occupy a small section.


An Oasis-like Design

A backyard oasis may not be as conversational as other poolscape designs, but it should optimize beauty and relaxation. Enhance the natural appearance of your pool by opting for a rounded, meandering layout and surrounding it with plenty of natural materials like plants and boulders. Seating and artificial structures are kept to a minimum in order to foster an isolated and exotic atmosphere. Add a water feature to your poolscape for a tranquil yet stimulating soundtrack.


A Poolside Patio

A covered patio is an essential partner to any pool and can serve as a much-needed break from the scorching midday sun. A wooden pergola provides shade, while giving a patio a relaxed ambiance. Hang curtains from the edges of your pergola for added privacy, and enjoy the resort-like effect created as they billow in the breeze. Incorporating multiple wooden elements and white fabrics into the design of your poolside patio can give it a pleasant Mediterranean appearance.


Hardscaping Ideas for Luxurious Poolscapes in Medford Lakes, NJ