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Incredible Landscaping Ideas to Transform your Front Yard


Sometimes the difference between a good front yard landscape design and a great one are the little details and small personal touches. Here, we’ll look at some of the ways you can dress up your front yard to add curb appeal and transform it into something vibrant and eye-catching.

Front Landscaping Ideas and Driveway Pavers

Decorative Arches for Charm

The arch is an ancient symbol for strength and stability and often marks the threshold of a new adventure or new beginning in mythology – hence the prevalence of archways at weddings. Take advantage of this symbol and its decorative value by introducing one to your home’s front yard. Arches can be used as either a stand-alone feature or be used to mark an entrance, such as that of your front gate. The materials from which arches are made range from rustic timber to stone and concrete, and can be used for a variety of effects. A front yard wooden arbor can also provide an excellent framework for showcasing flowers, vines, and creepers.


Evening Lighting

While outdoor lighting is something that only really affects the look of your yard after dusk, a well-designed landscape lighting plan can make a huge difference. No lighting at all will render your property invisible, while lighting that is too bright will make your front yard appear bleached and sterile (not to mention annoying your neighbors with all the light pollution they’ll be picking up). A great lighting plan for your front yard should cover a range of intensities from gentle ambience to direct spotlighting for accents and features. Lighting your front walkway, whether constructed of concrete pavers or natural stone, is a fantastic place to begin your lighting journey as it adds both increased safety and function, as well as beauty and ambience.


A Charming Driveway

For visitors arriving at your home, nothing is more welcoming than a well-surfaced driveway. It’s also the feature you’ll be faced with coming home every day. Investing in a beautiful driveway, and taking the time to select the perfect concrete pavers to match your home, is well worth it. Unilock offers a catalog of concrete pavers that are perfect for any architectural style, from classic brick-like features with the Copthorne Paver, to the elegant beauty of their Richcliff Paver.
Don’t forget that a driveway starts at the curb and it’s often this part of the driveway that requires the most maintenance. Consider including what is referred to as a driveway apron in your project, featuring different concrete paver at the curb side entrance. Unilock’s Courtstone Paver, as well as their Tribeca Cobble Pavers, are perfectly suited for the job. To learn more about concrete pavers and how to take advantage of Unilock’s Transferrable Lifetime Guarantee, visit this page.


Retaining Walls for Dimension

Add some character to your front yard landscaping with the use of retaining walls. Even if your property is flat, retaining walls make it possible to add multiple layers to your front yard landscape while simultaneously introducing the aesthetic of the retaining walls themselves. Very popular in today’s landscape design is the use of seating walls; 18”-21” high retaining walls added for built-in seating. These are often thought of as backyard-only design elements, but creating a courtyard-like front entrance with a product like Unilock’s Rivercrest Wall is a great way to add interest to your home.


Front Yard Patio Retreat

A comfortable front yard patio is inviting and can offer the perfect spot to chat to a friend who is just stopping by. Front yard patios make for great locations for kids’ parties as well, making it easier for parents of your children’s friends to find your home. Even if it isn’t visible from the street, a front yard patio can be a great way to get more use out of your front yard and create an outdoor area with a different mood and feel to your backyard spaces.


Brighten Things Up With Color

There are countless ways to brighten up your front yard with color. From brightly flowered plantings, the rich hues of brick-style pavers like Copthorne, to adding a splash of paint to your front door. Color in your front yard can be used to draw the eye from the street, enhance certain features or simply create a fun and vibrant environment. You don’t have to overdo it with color to benefit from it either. Stick to two or three main colors with maybe a few secondary colors for depth. Adding flecks of the same color throughout your yard will help maintain a sense of chromatic theme.


Interesting Walkways

Lead your guests up to your front door in style! Walkways can be either direct and functional, or be taken advantage of as a way to offer a tour of the features of your landscape. Your walkway is itself a visual feature of your front yard, but coupled with the aesthetics of water features, flowerbeds and other personal touches, your walkway serves to complement and highlight the scenery. You don’t have to make the walk to your front door a sightseeing tour, but a gentle meander to complement the flow of the landscape and highlight the curves of your flowerbeds can make for a comfortable and enjoyable stroll. Consider such classics from Unilock as Beacon Hill Flagstone and Beacon Hill Smooth.

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