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Extend the Use of Your Outdoor Spaces With These Options for Outdoor Kitchens in Mendham, NJ


The title image features Estate Wall.


If you’re a lover of all things outdoors, it makes sense to create an outdoor living space where you can spend most of your free time. Some patios are not used to their full potential, but that can be improved with some planning and interest in expanding the amount of enjoyment you can experience when outside. Here is how to extend outdoor living spaces with outdoor kitchens in Mendham, NJ.


The Right Flooring


One thing is certain: Outdoor cooking can be hard on surfaces. Not only is there heavy foot traffic, but also plenty of spills from food, condiments, beverages, cooking oils, and so on that can permanently stain or etch surfaces. One of the best ways to prevent such mishaps is to choose a paver that is sealed with EasyClean stain resistance.


On the Floor: Pavers Featuring EasyClean


Artline pavers incorporate long, clean lines for a modern aesthetic that is visually stunning. This paver comes in a random bundle of seven lengths for a huge variety of laying options. 


You will get stunning results if your outdoor kitchen walls are made with Lineo Dimensional Stone, which can also be used for any other vertical element including a fire feature or retaining wall. The combination of Artline pavers and Lineo Dimensional Stone is sleek and chic, and simultaneously on-trend and timeless.


Umbriano is a popular paver for modern outdoor kitchens. This gorgeous paver is inspired by granite. Randomly dispersed real granite particles and color give your patio and outdoor kitchen an elegant look while EasyClean makes your cooking and dining experience so much more carefree. 


You could pair Umbriano with the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System for a bold look that stands the test of time.


A Fire Feature


One of the key creature comforts that will keep everyone gravitating toward the patio and outdoor kitchen is a fire feature. A fire pit could provide a warm place to share a meal. A cozy fire pit nestled into a corner of the patio could provide a comfortable place to gather after a hearty meal. And an outdoor fireplace could radiate enough warmth to keep the entire outdoor kitchen space toasty even on the chilliest fall and spring days.


The key to a great fire feature is to make it suit your aesthetic and needs. Unilock features two fire pit kits, Romanstack and Sunset, as well as an outdoor fireplace kit, the Tuscany. A Unilock wall unit can also be used to construct a custom fire feature such as a fire table, or an outdoor fireplace that incorporates practically everyone’s favorite: a wood-fired pizza oven.


A Shelter Structure


It’s one thing to cover your cooking area with a three-season shelter structure such as a pavilion, and it’s another entirely when the pavilion is set on masonry pillars that integrate the structure into the outdoor kitchen, fire feature, and even a retaining wall. 

Brussels Dimensional System could be a great solution for pillars intended for a relaxed and rustic-themed space. Likewise, the Estate Wall blocks feature an antiqued texture that creates the appearance of timeworn natural stone. Topping these pillars with Universal coping gives the pillar a finished, elegant look that’s ready for a gorgeous pavilion to shelter your outdoor living space.


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