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Don’t Forget These 4 Details When Planning Your New Pool Deck in Glen Allen, VA

The title image features Umbriano pavers.

A pool can do so much to enhance a property, but even the most beautiful pools don’t give the best results without a great pool deck in Glen Allen, VA. With plenty of style options to choose from as well as many practical considerations, you have some choices ahead of you as you plan your pool deck. Here are some of the details that will come up.

The Look

People tend to choose pavers first based on looks, and then practicality. Here’s what to look for, so that your pool deck fits in yet has a presence of its own.

The pool deck should ideally complement the masonry design aesthetics of the surrounding hardscape and home. Roughly, this could fall into “traditional,” “rustic,” and “modern” designs.

Blending the modern look of concrete pavers with traditional linear styles of brick, the Artline pavers from Unilock can fit in so many pool deck applications. The variety of finishes, each with its own color palette, makes for design versatility with an elegant and refined air that could pair well with traditional, rustic, and modern homes.

For a more modernist and artistic approach that also pairs well with historical homes, Umbriano pavers from Unilock could present an excellent option. These modestly sized pavers are intended to be arranged in a variety of patterns to create an interesting visual texture with the classic look of granite.

For a cozier and more rustic look, consider Westport pavers from Unilock. These pavers are inspired by natural flagstone, and are available in a small format that provides a dynamic visual texture. This also allows for a wide variety of patterning ideas for your pool deck, giving you and your landscape contractor the ability to create some stunning designs.

Practical Considerations: Non-Slip Textures, Permeability, and Ease of Maintenance

Once you’ve decided on the aesthetics of your pool deck, here are other considerations to keep in mind.

Pool decks should be planned with lots of surface water in mind. Surface water can create a slick film on the surface and there are two ways to keep everyone safe: a non-slip texture and permeability.

Safety is a top priority, so a pool deck should always have a non-slip texture to avoid accidents. Even the smoothest pavers from Unilock, such as Beacon Hill Smooth, offer both beauty and safety in all conditions. These pavers take cues from the natural textures and colors of various sandstone with a non-slip texture perfect for pool decks. These pavers are available in a square random bundle as well as a trending extra-large size that can expand the visual size perception of your pool area.

Permeable technology is another way to help keep your pool deck drier and safer. Pavers that are called permeable are not permeable themselves but feature larger joint spaces designed to let water pass through to prevent accumulation of standing water.

Treo Permeable pavers from Unilock could be the ideal choice if you want a permeable paver with a bluestone look. These versatile pavers can also be used on your driveway and patio if you want a unified look throughout your landscape.

Finally, EasyClean stain resistance will help you enjoy your pool more instead of worrying about pool deck maintenance. Umbriano pavers are sealed with EasyClean, for example. Their non-slip yet smooth texture is protected by EasyClean, which will help prevent staining from spilled food and beverages, pool chemicals, and other household chemicals.



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