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Consider These Patio Paver Options for Your Landscape Transformation in Rock Hill, SC


The title image features Tribeca Cobble pavers.


Are you looking for something different for your landscape—something that will be both timeless and trendy? Consider these patio paver options for your landscape transformation in Rock Hill, SC: They’re fresh, they’re fun, and yet, they will stand the test of time.


A Welcoming Walkway


Classic brick might not give your walkway the modern freshness you’re looking for. But you can blend the style of brick with new updated shapes (i.e. longer pavers) and modern colors that still look timeless, yet reflect current aesthetics.


Artline pavers allow for an incredible range of possibilities. These pavers are available in random bundles of seven different rectangular shapes, as well as several different finishes. These pavers are typically laid in a classic running bond pattern, which creates a long, linear look for your walkway—and transitions beautifully into the patio as well. With the choice of finishes, you could opt one for a cohesive look, or blend several finishes together to create a dynamic space.


On Your Patio


Your patio needs to be beautiful… and tough. Heavy activity can take its toll on lesser materials, but there’s nothing that features the beauty and durability of patio pavers. 


Umbriano pavers from Unilock are modern pavers with a classic elegance inspired by natural granite. These sleek pavers feature a unique look that comes from randomly dispersed real granite particles and rich color. Best of all, Umbriano pavers are infused with EasyClean, an integral stain protection that will keep maintenance to a minimum. They are ideal for uses on the patio, pool, and walkway—and especially in high-traffic areas such as an outdoor kitchen. A thicker vehicle-rated version can also carry the look of these chic pavers through to your driveway.


Bristol Valley pavers are considered the ultimate in relaxed patio surfaces. They feature a subtle surface texture and blended colors that give the appearance of natural stone. Available in a random bundle, the three moderately sized units fit beautifully with many design themes.


At the Poolside


Embrace the beauty of large format pavers yet enjoy the rustic allure of flagstone with Beacon Hill Smooth pavers. The large size allows for an expansive look free of the visual busy-ness of smaller pavers; the smooth texture is wonderful for barefoot comfort. And the contemporary color palette lets you beautifully complement your home and landscape.


On the Driveway


The Hex Paver from Unilock offers a fun and fresh take on the driveway with classic honeycomb shapes and modern colors and three different finishes. These heavy-duty pavers easily withstand the challenges of a driveway—but they can also serve as patio, pool, and walkway pavers.


Town Hall permeable pavers bring the timeless beauty of brick to your driveway in a more eco-friendly package. These brick pavers feature generous sizes that could be ideal for larger spaces (such as a driveway that culminates in an entry court) or for a large patio. Their richly blended colors could be used individually, or you could mix several colors randomly onsite for even more visual interest and character. Town Hall pavers can be installed traditionally or as a permeable paver, which allows surface water to seep into the ground, replenishing the aquifer and preventing standing water or runoff.


Driveway pavers, whether they are smooth or textured, can be damaged by careless snowplows. However, installing a driveway heating system could virtually eliminate the need for plowing, and could protect your landscaping from damage from chemical deicers.

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