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Color or Texture: What’s More Important When Choosing Stone or Pavers in Oxford, CT


The title image features Mattoni pavers


Choosing materials for your outdoor living space is a big decision. Practicality aside, it often comes down to color or texture and which one is more important to you as you choose stone or pavers in Oxford, CT.


There’s no clear answer that will work for every situation, since the final outcome really depends on the look and feel you’re trying to achieve on your patio (or walkway, pool deck, or driveway). However, here’s how to understand the ways that color and texture could give you completely different looks depending on the combinations you choose.


First, consider the other materials you’re using on your patio: Patio pavers ideally complement wall units used in vertical features (your outdoor kitchen walls, fire features, or retaining wall), as well as the home.


Second, consider the visual impact. Colors will grab your eye first, which means they are arguably the more important choice. Be sure to take home samples of any pavers you’re considering, and see how they look in sunny, rainy, and cloudy conditions. Colors tend to darken and become richer when wet—but the effects of moisture can enhance certain colors to the point they no longer work with your space.



Unless you’re going for drama in a very modern space—where each element is more of a stand-alone focal point—the best approach is often to make your colors harmonize rather than to use bold contrast. 


For example, vertical elements made with the Brussels Dimensional System in Almond Grove could be a beautiful complement to patio pavers such as the flagstone-inspired Richcliff pavers in a random blend of Pebble Taupe and Dawn Mist: The paver colors will harmonize with the blended colors found in the wall units, and the result will be pleasing to the eye. Or you could pair this wall system with Unilock premium natural Sandstone to achieve a similar effect.


It’s a good rule of thumb to choose no more than two or three colors in total to avoid a visually busy look. You could, for example, choose different materials in the same color to keep the space looking put together yet interesting, with the only real difference between the horizontal and vertical planes being the textures. Lineo Dimensional Stone in Almond Grove for your retaining wall or outdoor kitchen could pair well with Beacon Hill Flagstone in Almond Grove. 



One of the challenges with outdoor living spaces is that you want them to look cohesive while maintaining the individuality of each element. Each element should ideally have its own character without making the space look too busy. A good rule of thumb is to choose no more than two or three textures in total. 


A rustic-textured retaining wall, outdoor kitchen, and fire feature made with Estate Wall could look stunning next to relatively smooth-textured patio surface featuring Mattoni pavers or Unilock premium natural Limestone


Or you could use two smooth materials such as Artline pavers and Lineo Dimensional Stone wall units, and add texture with cap stones made using premium natural Sandstone


The Takeaway

Color will catch your eye, but an artful mix of textures will keep your eye engaged in the space. So while color is often ultimately the first consideration, don’t dismiss the importance of textures to create a pleasing space. 


Check out the Unilock Dream page for real-life examples of how landscape designers have worked with colors and textures to create gorgeous outdoor spaces.


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