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5 Stunning Patio Designs for a Hardscape Sure to Impress

Transforming your sprawling backyard lawn into an elaborate hardscape design is not only a low-maintenance solution to avoid weeding and costly mowing, but it can create show-stopping entertainment areas and big family fun spots. Your backyard is an echo of your artistic voice and is limited solely by your imagination, so let these beautiful patios and inspire you to create your own distinct outdoor oasis.

Dabble in dimensions and dividers

This large patio is far from lifeless, showcasing different outdoor rooms on various levels and creating further height with the inclusion of a romantic pergola. Pillars, low retaining walls, and creatively curved steps form vertical dimensions that add interest to this hardscape. The low walls also separate different areas within the patio and can provide additional seating in a pinch. The dark banding running along the walls matches the Unilock Series 3000 borders in the color variation Black Granite that encloses each outdoor room. This color coordination creates a sense of cohesion throughout the hardscape design. The paving is also arranged to form a focal point in the spacious grill area while the reddish-brown inner borders echo the rich earthy tones of nearby flower beds. The hardscape is designed to take organic forms which flow seamlessly into the surrounding natural landscape. The diverse vertical dimensions, the similar shades within the pergola, countertops and paving stones, and the continuously curved structures serve to unify the entire space.

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Find your focal point

The sheer size and elaborate design of this patio’s fireplace draws attention and allows it to serve as a focal point around which outdoor furniture can be centered. The custom fireplace is constructed using Natural Stone of varying sizes, establishing a homely and casual atmosphere. Its evening ambience can be enjoyed from the comfortable chairs arranged around it, subtly separated from the dining area by the addition of a wooden pergola. The patio stone varies in size and color as well, adding interest to what could otherwise be a monotonous and industrial expanse of concrete pavers. Unilock’s Brussels Dimensional Stone — similar to the concrete paver that form the surface of this airy patio—creeps halfway up the wooden posts, visually tying the pergola and patio floor together.

Stretch your sitting room

This patio is situated snugly beside the home, acting as an extension of its interior. The exterior of the house is echoed in the dark Copthorne banding of that stretches along the patio’s low walls, fusing the home and outdoors further. The pleasantly curved seat walls are interrupted by low pillars which add interest to the structure of the patio and serve to hold ornate planters and decorative items. These walls are anchored by a dark mulch bed which casts a striking contrast against the lighter tones of the retaining walls and pavers. This long planting bed yields to the curve of the patio and houses a few eye-catching shrubs that maintain a neat appearance and don’t distract focus from the patio. Hanging ferns add the softer tones of nature to this patio design, while the cedar ceiling overhead provides visual warmth to the cozy conversation spot.

Go modern and minimalist

This resort-like poolside retreat is adorned with neat, manicured shrubs and lawn areas that add character to the otherwise muted expanse of pavingstone. Opting for drought-resistant, slow-growing plant varieties will result in your natural elements being just as low-maintenance as your patio stone. The warm undertones within Unilock’s Umbriano pavers are highlighted by the generous integration of grass and leaves. This relaxing destination is defined by a terraced slope separating it from the rest of the property and the clean, geometric lines serve to give this versatile space a distinctly modern touch.

Echo your existing architecture

The pillars enclosing this patio are spanned by arches similar to those accenting the tall windows of the adjacent house, painted white to reflect the color of the frames. The color of the house’s exterior is carried by Unilock’s Copthorne pavers cladding the patio floor while each roof mimics the other in shade and slope. This beautiful patio reflects the history and dramatic architectural style of the house, unifying the entire hardscape to the structures.


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