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5 Pool Deck Paver Options to Accentuate Your Blue Bell, PA, Inground Pool


The title image features Beacon Hill Smooth XL pavers.


If your summertime outdoor activities center around the pool, you’ll want a beautiful and functional pool deck to enhance the experience. Whether you’re installing a new pool or giving your pool area an update, here are five pool deck paver options to accentuate your inground pool in Blue Bell, PA. 


Safety-First Considerations

Choosing the right pavers for your pool surround can begin with safety. Since a lot of water can end up on the pool deck—potentially creating a slick film and a slipping hazard—it’s important to choose pavers with a grippy, non-slip surface that remains safe when wet. 


While it may seem that textured pavers are the way to go, smooth-textured pavers from Unilock are another viable option for pool decks. Unilock pavers, including smooth pavers, feature non-slip textures that offer surefootedness even when the pavers are wet. Smooth pavers actually have slightly a pebbled texture that stays grippy for everyone’s safety. 


A great example of a smooth paver that is popular on pool decks is Beacon Hill Smooth pavers from Unilock. These pavers are inspired by natural flagstone, which contributes to a relaxed look. Far from bringing a rustic vibe, contemporary color selection and generous sizing can be a great choice for contemporary poolscapes.


You can also enhance safety by using permeable pavers around the pool. These pavers encourage water to make its way back into the ground rather than remaining on the surface. The Hex Paver from Unilock is a paver with personality and function. The pavers feature larger spaces between the joints to allow surface water to seep into a permeable base that will eventually filter the water back into the soil. But you’re certainly not sacrificing style in the process. These honeycomb-inspired pavers will give your pool area a fun contemporary feel that is also wonderfully timeless.


Choose for Durability

Between the potential from fading from UV rays, to staining and etching from pool chemicals, to flaking and other damage from the freeze-thaw cycle, to spilled beverages and food, a pool deck can take a beating. 


Choosing a paver such as Umbriano pavers could be the solution. Not only is this smooth-textured paver wonderful on bare feet, its luxurious granite appearance is protected by EasyClean stain resistance, which makes maintenance easy: Just wipe up spills and you’re done. Your pavers won’t be damaged by pool chemicals, cleaners, or even deicing salts.


Pavers with Character

If you’re after a unique look but want something more subtle than the vibrancy of Hex pavers, you could go completely classical and choose a brick paver for your pool surround. Achieve old-world charm with Mattoni pavers. These slender bricks are elegant and sophisticated. Choose the lighter colors, Granite or Sable, and lay them in a striking pattern such as herringbone for an unforgettable poolscape.


If you’re a fan of relaxed laying patterns, consider the flagstone-inspired Bristol Valley pavers from Unilock. These pavers feature a subtle surface texture and blended colors that would give your pool area the appearance of natural stone, which blends beautifully into the surrounding landscape. Available in a random bundle, three moderately sized units can be laid in a number of patterns for a more, or less, random appearance.  

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