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4 Wall Options for Constructing Outdoor Kitchens in Medford Lakes NJ


The title image features the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System.


Cooking and sharing meals outdoors is one of the main joys of life. Having the right space for your culinary adventures is made possible with a customized outdoor kitchen. Aside from the right appliances, you need a cooking space that looks great and performs as well as the indoor kitchen in terms of durability and ease of maintenance. Here are four wall options for constructing outdoor kitchens in Medford Lakes, NJ.


1. A Modern and Sleek Outdoor Kitchen


Lineo Dimensional Stone from Unilock is available in a large, rectangular format designed to overlay any concrete structure. The smooth texture and simple yet chic aesthetic could be the ideal choice for outdoor kitchens that favor a linear design. 


Blended colors and oversized units result in outdoor kitchen walls that will turn heads while being easy to clean. The finish is a beautiful complement to granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. Universal Coping from Unilock could be used to top the walls of your outdoor kitchen. Create a unified look throughout your patio by using Lineo Dimensional Stone to build a custom fire feature, water feature, garden wall, or pillars for a pergola.


2. A Multi-Faceted Approach


Sometimes, you may want to combine rustic and sleek design elements for a one-of-a-kind outdoor kitchen. The U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System from Unilock gives you the ultimate in design flexibility: A variety of U-Cara Fascia Panels can be placed along the patented Sure Track Backer Block, allowing for customization of patterns and contemporary color and texture combinations. Balance the look of the substantial pitched face units with smoother fascia panels to achieve exactly the look you want for your outdoor kitchen. Finish the look with Universal Coping.


3. A Warm and Relaxed Outdoor Kitchen


Outdoor cooking is all about relaxing with family and friends, and not worrying about the materials. The timeless Brussels Dimensional System from Unilock could be the right choice. The antiqued blocks with their distressed finish inspired by tumbled quarry stones will give your outdoor kitchen a “been there forever” look that beckons everyone to have a great time. These smaller wall units could be used to create rounded outdoor kitchen walls as well as custom fire features (perhaps with an integrated wood-fired pizza oven). Finish the look with rounded-edge Brussels Fullnose Coping for an authentic Tuscan villa look, or the smooth Universal Coping if you prefer to add a touch of elegance.  


4. Rugged Yet Welcoming


Estate Wall blocks from Unilock feature an antiqued textured finish reminiscent of timeworn natural stone. These wall units are sold in three-stone random bundles that are all 6” high, but vary in width. Estate Wall can be ideal for straight or curved applications, and the random sizes could also be used to create subtle accent banding on the walls of your outdoor kitchen. Estate Wall blocks can also be used to construct complementary fire features, water features, pillars, or garden walls for a cohesive look. Top your outdoor kitchen wall with rounded-edge Brussels Fullnose Coping or Universal Coping to add a sophisticated touch to these rustic-textured units.  


The first two options (Lineo Dimensional Stone and the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System) are veneers designed to be applied over a concrete block structure. The last two options (Brussels Dimensional Stone and Estate Wall) are individual blocks that don’t require an inner structure. Check in with your Unilock Authorized Contractor for more details.


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