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4 Pavers for a Beachy Aesthetic in Middletown, PA

4 Pavers for a Beachy Aesthetic in Middletown, PA

The title image features Umbriano pavers.


When you can’t travel to your favorite beach destination, you can still “live the life” at home. A few upgrades can transform your pool deck into a getaway—without the crowds. Since your pavers are front and center of this transformation, you want to be sure to choose the right ones. Here are four pavers for a beachy aesthetic in Middletown, PA, to get you inspired.


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Pavers with a pebbled texture, such as Umbriano pavers from Unilock, give you the look of an endless sandy beach where you can walk just out of reach of the waves, collecting shells. Choose the Summer Wheat color and Tan Sand jointing compound for the most seamless look. You could opt for the largest size to minimize joint lines even more. Umbriano pavers feature a unique variegated aesthetic (achieved by using real granite particles that are dispersed throughout the paver to catch the light). Every time you step onto your pool deck you’ll be reminded of the magical sparkle that seems to hover in the air anytime you’re near the ocean. Plus, the non-slip texture ensures safety at the poolside. As a bonus, EasyClean stain resistance makes summer by the pool as carefree as possible!



For a chic modern look that still brings to mind exotic beaches, you can’t go wrong with Arcana pavers from Unilock. Three of the Arcana colors are ideal for your beach-themed backyard: the sandy Lugano, the bright Modena, and the gray/brown Corvara. Either of these colors would give your pool deck a unique speckled surface much like a beach at low tide, whether you love sand-colored beaches, white sand, or dark lava-colored sand. These pavers feature a silky matte texture (non-slip, of course) that reveals a combination of natural granite, quartz and marble particles that add a seaside-like sparkle to your pool area. Arcana pavers come in large format slab sizes to give your pool deck a clean, uncluttered effect. And you’ll love the EasyClean finish to protect your pool deck from pool chemicals and spilled food and beverages.


Beacon Hill Flagstone

For a more rustic beach look (like the wild Oregon coast), Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers from Unilock adds another element to your pool deck: texture. This natural flagstone texture looks stunning in the low light of sunrise and sunset, and it’s non-slip and barefoot-friendly. The blended Tuscany color will give you the gorgeous sandy beach look you want. To re-create the look of an endless beach, the XL size could minimize joint lines, and could be complemented by the Tan Sand compound.



As a large format (24” square) paver with a subtly pebbled surface, Skyline pavers from Unilock deliver the beach look with the warm Chamois color. Skyline pavers are available in a Classic thru-mix finish, or you can upgrade to EnduraColor for a more refined surface and long-lasting color. You can also add EasyClean to these pavers for added protection from pool chemicals, ice cream, popsicles, or any other summertime delight.

Finish the look with coping such as Brussels Fullnose Coping from Unilock if you prefer rounded edges or Universal Coping from Unilock if you prefer square edges (both styles of coping are non-slip as well as barefoot- and swimsuit-friendly). The tumbled look of Brussels Fullnose Coping in Sandstone gives your pool deck a relaxed and more textured feel, when paired with Beacon Hill Flagstone. Universal Coping can be the perfect complement to Umbriano, Arcana, and Skyline pavers.


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