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3 Fire Pits for Adding Warmth and Comfort to your Detroit, Bloomfield, Farmington Hills Patio

Adding a fire pit to your landscape design is an excellent step towards using your outdoor space effectively, either purely for design purposes, or for entertaining family and friends in comfort on cool evenings. Choosing the right design for your fire pits in Detroit, Bloomfield or Farmington Hills, MI can be a difficult task, however. That’s why we’ve compiled these three popular options to help you find the right option for your outdoor space and match your favored décor style.

Lineo Dimensional Stone Custom Design

If you’re looking for a luxurious, modern appearance, this might just be the fire pit for you. Lineo Dimensional Stone works best in creating a modern rectangular design, with its edges and horizontal emphasis giving it a sleek and elegant look. This is the perfect choice for patio spaces that use large format pavers, and contributes to an uncluttered, minimalist appearance. A Lineo Dimensional Stone fire pit can also be incorporated into the backyard of a home with traditional architectural features in order to achieve a more formal design theme. Extended fire pit features and fire tables are also a possibility for this particular versatile product.
Lineo Dimensional Stone is available in three color options in the Michigan region. These options include Mahogany Ash in a dark, rich brown; Sandstone, for sunny visual warmth and Limestone for a subtle gray compatible with a wide range of backyard color schemes.

Rivercrest Fire Pit Kit

For a more rustic look, the Rivercrest Fire Pit Kit offers an easy to assemble solution, rich in the natural colors and textures of stacked slate or sandstone, with the corresponding color schemes being Coastal Slate and Buff respectively. With its weathered appearance and natural texture, a Rivercrest fire pit has a well-worn aesthetic reminiscent of a feature that’s stood the test of time. If you have an historic home or you just love a classical, time-tested look, this fire pit will complement your style perfectly. The Rivercrest fire pit is an excellent enhancement for a patio utilizing Unilock’s Richcliff or Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers, with the textures and color of natural flagstone blending seamlessly with Rivercrest Wall’s stacked look. Rivercrest Wall works equally well for both circular and square fire pit designs and can be included in custom features as well.

Brussels Dimensional Stone

The Brussels Dimensional System provides strength and versatility and can be incorporated into a wide range of custom features including fire pits and fireplaces. The wide range of color options, as well as color variations within individual stones makes this a unique and characterful option. The tumbled appearance of the blocks lends a natural, rustic look while the precise dimensions of the blocks keep a neat, uniform style, giving you the best of both worlds. A rectangular fire pit can help to a more modern/formal look, while a circular design captures the essence of the open campfire. Copthorne in burgundy red makes an excellent accent for any Brussels Dimensional Stone fire pit and works particularly well if your patio or surrounding landscape contains elements of brick red.

The title image features a fire pit and low walls built from Unilock’s Brussels Dimensional System.

Fire Pits Detroit, Bloomfield, Farmington Hills Patio Michigan

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