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Tips for Creating a Comfortable Fire Pit Seating Area in Kitchener, Ontario

Tips for Creating a Comfortable Fire Pit Seating Area in Kitchener, Ontario


Once you’ve decided to design a fire pit for your landscape, you’ll have a few decisions to make regarding the seating arrangements to accompany the fire pit. In Kitchener, Ontario, the fire pit will be a welcome addition to your yard, but for the area to be fully functional, seating will be essential. While creating these plans, prioritize comfort by considering permanence, placement, and physical features. With Unilock materials and the help of a Unilock Authorized Contractor your outdoor fire pit and seating area can become the central gathering point of your landscape.


Combine Permanent and Temporary Features

The ideal seating arrangement for your fire pit may include an assortment of both permanent and temporary features. Any hardscaped seating design should be comfortable and ideally composed of materials that match the fire pit itself. The shape of the seating should also be reflective of the shape of the fire feature to ensure that all seated guests can enjoy an equal degree of warmth. The two features, the pit and its seating, should be a clear pair, a set designed to be viewed as one functional piece. Permanent seating can be either recessed or bench-like in nature, a choice that based upon your own style and tastes, and the number of guests anticipated. Consider leaving at least one side open for allowing the addition of extra chairs or moveable furniture to create an ideal combination of built-in and optional seating arrangements.

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Consider All Parameters for Placement

While you’ve likely considered where you’ll place the fire pit relative to wind patterns, tree placement, and proximity to buildings, you should also consider the placement of the seating. Key elements to consider include the facilitation of conversation, creation of an effective aesthetic, and safety for those enjoying the feature. The distance from the fire pit should allow a safe distance from the fire while making conversation, roasting marshmallows, and warming hands possible. The height of the seating should also be considered for comfortable rising and seating while you may choose to include comfortable foot rests as part of the fire pit unit. This can be achieved by including a suitable coping option as part of your fire pit design.


Remember the Physical Comfort of the Seat

For many of us, the seat makes a difference, particularly for the back and the bottom. Protect the comfort of your guests and yourself by making sure that at least some of the seating has an appropriate back and coping. Weather hardy cushions and pillows can also be put to use for extra comfort. A smooth, comfortable coping, such as Brussels Fullnose or Ledgestone is ideal for fire pit seating areas. Brussels Fullnose offers a rounded edge that is easy on the backs of the legs and clothing. Ledgestone, too, is available in a Fullnose Coping option, as well as a regular edge that is lightly textured while remaining comfortable. In the case of backing, consider a wall unit with a smooth or slightly worn texture, such as Brussels Dimensional Stone.

The title image features a Brussels Dimensional Stone fire pit and permanent seating area with Brussels Fullnose coping and Copthorne accents.




Tips for Creating a Comfortable Fire Pit Seating Area in Kitchener, Ontario

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