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How to Widen Your Driveway With Pavers

Most homes in suburban neighborhoods come with asphalt or concrete driveways fit for only one car. Which, by today’s standards, doesn’t accommodate the multiple cars most family’s own. In other instances, shared driveways with your neighbors are also common making the space narrow to move in and out of cars with ease or park multiple cars. If either of these situations sound familiar to you, Unilock has the perfect solution. Widening your asphalt or concrete driveway by adding paving stones as a border is both an attractive and relatively quick alternative. The color, style, shape and texture options available are limitless, so complementing your home’s brick or siding, garage doors and other masonry found on your property is easy.

This could also be your opportunity to give your front entrance a facelift with a new walkway, front landing and/or steps. In doing so, you’ll be able to tie the entire design together to make it look intentional. The new border could flow into a new walkway that leads to the front doors of your home.

However big or small you make this project, a professional landscape contractor will ensure the project is done right. A few things you can expect from working with a professional:

  • Most landscape contractors will provide a 3D design to you as part of the process. Seeing the project rendered in 3D Design will help you visualize how much space you’ll gain and the overall look and feel to ensure it reflects your personal style.
  • A landscape contractor can help with choosing the right colors so that your design is seamless with your existing space.
  • A professional will know how much to excavate on either side of the driveway so that the pavers are flush with the existing driveway. This is crucial for safety.
  • A professional will ensure proper base material and edging restraints are used so that the project will last for years to come.

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