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How Professional Pavers Can Enhance Your Bristow, VA, Walkway

How Professional Pavers Can Enhance Your Bristow, VA, Walkway

When it’s time to give your front entry a makeover, start by looking into getting walkway pavers installed. It could be the fastest way to add curb appeal and value to your Bristow, VA, home. In fact, it’s hard to beat the beauty, design versatility, durability, and ease of installation that quality walkway pavers provide. Here’s how professional pavers can enhance your walkway.


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Working with the Landscape

Straight lines on a gently sloped landscape can look awkward. A good landscape designer and a team of pro installers will work with the land to create a walkway that looks as though it has always belonged on your property. The right pavers for your walkway depend not just on your style preferences but on the environment they will become a part of when the project is complete.


Complementing the Home

It’s also important that the walkway complements the architectural style of the home. Many homes feature boring poured concrete walkways, which detract from the home’s aesthetics. It’s rare to find a poured concrete walkway with any soul! Pavers come in a huge variety of styles that work with any architectural style. For example, Unilock Beacon Hill Flagstone is a large-format paver that mimics the look of flagstone. It is an extremely popular paver due to its versatility—equally at home in a rustic setting as in the heart of suburbia or even in a trendy downtown patio.



You want your hardscapes to stand the test of time, to get the most value for your investment. A poured concrete walkway (or worse, an asphalt walkway) cannot compare in the durability department. When a poured concrete or asphalt walkway inevitably starts to crack, heave, and chip over the years, it further detracts from the home’s welcoming look.



Non-slip pavers provide a safe journey. Textured surfaces help in this regard (look to Unilock Richcliff pavers for an appealing textured surface), but it’s reassuring to know that even the smooth varieties of Unilock pavers feature a non-slip surface. Not only is it important for the pavers to be non-slip, they must be installed properly and sloped just right for optimal drainage. The ground beneath the walkway must be carefully prepared, and its edges properly constructed so that there is no shifting or other movement that could result in an uneven surface that poses a tripping hazard.


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Paver walkways offer much greater value than any other materials. Unilock pavers are 4x stronger than poured concrete and are manufactured to hold their color for many years. Over the lifetime of the walkway, you can expect far less maintenance and virtually no replacement costs (should an individual paver be damaged, it can be easily replaced without the expense and hassle of redoing the entire walkway).

Unilock concrete pavers are designed for carefree and relaxed outdoor living. They’re easy to clean, durable, and don’t need to be sealed.

Trust your outdoor living space to a qualified professional! Unilock Authorized Contractors are experts in Unilock products, design, and installation. You can be sure that not only are you getting superior products, but quality installation that means your paver walkway will look as good several decades from now as it does on the day it’s completed.


The title image features Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers with Copthorne accents.


How Professional Pavers Can Enhance Your Bristow, VA, Walkway

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