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How a Contractor can Expand Your Paver Driveway in London, ON

How a Contractor can Expand Your Paver Driveway in London, ON


Nothing is more inconvenient than a driveway that’s too small and doesn’t allow you to enter and exit your home hassle-free. Expanding your driveway has numerous benefits, such as being able to accomodate more cars, bigger vehicles, and more space when coming and going. A contractor can expand your driveway at your London, ON home for convenience and hassle free travel.


Frame your existing driveway

One way to expand your paver driveway is to add onto the existing layout. You could either add a few feet on one side, or both if you’ve got the space. If your driveway is already relatively big but you need more space, simply expanding on one or both sides could be the solution for you. There are a few options for what this would look like. You could pick a paver that functions as a visual accent, contrasting the existing pavers in color or texture. Light and dark pavers together create a lot of interest when laid out in a complementary arrangement. If you have basic neutral toned pavers, try adding a bold paver like Mattoni in a strong color like Cocoa Brown or Dark Charcoal to frame your existing driveway. You could also integrate more than one color to mix it up.

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A grass or gravel border

Another great option for expanding your driveway would be to add Turfstone on either side. Turfstone is a unique paver with a filigree design that can be filled either with grass or aggregates. Having Turfstone with grass as extra space on the side or sides of your driveway is a great way to add needed room without totally having to get rid of the green. Visually, it creates a perfect segue to your lawn as your driveway transitions from paver to grass seamlessly and beautifully. It’s also completely permeable, preventing any drainage issues for your lawn.


Replacing your driveway

If you’d like one big cohesive driveway that you can freely maneuver multiple vehicles on, consider replacing your existing driveway with a durable, heavy-duty paver like Courtstone, the ultimate driveway paver. Courtstone has the look of traditional European cobblestone with up to four times the strength of poured concrete. Courtstone can also be used as an accent if you only want a hint of rustic style incorporated into a more modern driveway, or simply mix colors to add a beautiful contrast of color. This material is also able to flow beautifully into a walkway that could connect from your driveway to your home’s entrance or backyard. Eco-Priora is another great option for driveways that is totally permeable and allows rain to drain into the subsoil. This feature is also important for safety reason when walking on the driveway’s surface during or after rain.

There are limitless design options for upgrading your driveway for practical or aesthetic purposes. For more design ideas for your expanded driveway, click here. There you can see fabulous inspiration that will help you decide the best route for your driveway. Be sure to contact a Unilock Authorized Contractor to get your project started!

The title image features a Courtstone driveway.


How a Contractor can Expand Your Paver Driveway in London, ON

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