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Stylish Modern Outdoor Fireplace Designs for Your Backyard Update

Stylish Modern Outdoor Fireplace Designs for Your Backyard Update

If you’re planning a patio remodel, or just looking for a stunning new feature to add to your modern hardscape, you’ll love these outdoor fireplace designs. Unilock offers both pre-built fireplaces and wall units that can be used to build unique, custom outdoor fireplaces. Here are some contemporary design options not to miss out on:


Pre-built Moda Fireplace

The pre-built Moda outdoor fireplace from Unilock is the quintessential modern fireplace, with a design that is sleek, sophisticated, and streamlined. The Moda combines the refined modern look of Lineo Dimensional Stone with the bold color and granite-like appearance of Series to create a feature that is as visually impressive as it is functional.

Lineo Dimensional Stone wall units lend the Moda crisp lines and a linear focus that is characteristic of modern design. This wall unit utilizes specially designed shadow spacers to give it its graphic interest and additional contemporary appeal.

Series banding in the Black Granite color option accentuates the feature. Series pavers incorporate natural granite and quartz particles to create an authentic sparkle and specks of color.

Pair the pre-built Moda outdoor fireplace with a richly textured patio paver, such as Richcliff pavers, to contrast the smooth surface of Lineo Dimensional Stone, or match it with a paver with a more subtle texture, such as Beacon Hill Smooth, to continue the aesthetic.


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Pre-built Bella Fireplace

The Unilock Bella outdoor fireplace model has a modern, simple shape and the functionality of form that goes hand in hand with the contemporary style. What makes this feature unique is that it draws its character from Rivercrest Wall, a stunning wall unit from Unilock with a richly textured stacked flagstone appearance.

The authentic appearance of Rivercrest Wall is the result of Reala Surface Technology, a Unilock proprietary manufacturing technology that casts pavers and wall units from molds taken of hundreds of pieces of natural stone, cobblestone, and street brick. This ensures a completely random appearance and next-level realism.

With the captivating texture of a Bella fireplace, no other ornamentation is needed for your patio design. This can help you reduce clutter on your patio and achieve a more minimalist design theme if you prefer.

Rivercrest Wall goes perfectly with the sophisticated appearance of Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone. For an exceptional combination, consider Unilock Sandstone in the Stone Cliff Grey color option to go with your pre-built Bella outdoor fireplace.

Stylish Modern Outdoor Fireplace Designs for Your Backyard Update


This image features a double-sided, gas-fueled fireplace built using Rivercrest Wall.


Double-Sided Gas-Fueled Rivercrest Fireplace

Rivercrest Wall units can also be used in the construction of custom fire features. A double-sided gas-fueled fireplace combines the modern, streamlined aesthetic of a fire table with the height and dramatic profile of a fireplace. This particular design is ideal as an outdoor room divider, allowing it to be used and enjoyed from two separate sections of a hardscape. For example, it may be used to keep an outdoor lounge distinct from the outdoor dining area. In this way, it provides heat to both areas without the need for a separate fire feature or heater for each area.

Once again, the sharp, clean geometry of the design, combined with the stunning, natural character of Rivercrest Wall, creates a captivating marriage of styles and provides plenty of visual interest for a contemporary theme with flair.


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Custom Lineo Dimensional Stone Fireplace with Classic Touches

Similarly, Lineo Dimensional Stone from Unilock can be used to create custom fireplaces that diverge slightly from typical modern design conventions. For example, by combining Lineo Dimensional Stone with Ledgestone coping, you can achieve an aesthetic that balances sleek elegance with rugged character.

Ledgestone features a pitched, natural edge, and large size options, perfect for creating beautiful mantels for an outdoor fireplace, as well as providing a comfortable seating surface for permanent seating, a textured face for the tops of low walls and retaining walls, or a reliable top for the wood storage spaces flanking your fireplace. Ledgestone is also available in a Pillar Cap unit, so you can complement your fireplace with matching pillars throughout your landscape.


Custom U-Cara Fireplace

The U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System is an innovative addition to the Unilock range of wall units. U-Cara features a large selection of fascia panels to choose from, ranging from the granite-like Umbriano and Series Finish to the Pitched Face and Smooth Face options, each available in a number of captivating colors. U-Cara fascia panels are mounted on a dimensionally accurate structure, constructed from Sure Track backer blocks. This system allows for a huge amount of creativity for hardscape designers, and can be used to construct everything from low walls, seating walls, and retaining walls, to water features, fire features, and grill islands.

A U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System fireplace offers customizability and an aesthetic that can be used for verticals throughout your hardscape.

Connect with a Unilock Authorized Contractor today for help with designing a custom fire feature to match your modern design theme.


The title image features a pre-built Moda fireplace, constructed from Lineo Dimensional Stone, on a Richcliff patio.


Stylish Modern Outdoor Fireplace Designs for Your Backyard Update

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