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Stunning Pavers for Walkways with a Natural Look

Stunning Pavers for Walkways with a Natural Look

If you’re looking for pavers with the look and time-honored character of natural stone, look no further than the rich textures and earthy colors of Unilock pavers. The following walkway pavers have been produced specifically to capture the authentic appeal of natural stone and complement a naturalistic design theme. In addition, these pavers each offer their own unique benefits, from natural stone treated for enhanced beauty and durability, to concrete pavers with powerful stain resistance. Here are just some stunning pavers for walkways with a natural look:


Unilock Limestone

Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone is specially treated to enhance and preserve the quintessential beauty of quarried stone. A variety of surface treatments ensure that Unilock Natural Stone features low water absorption and exceptional flexural strength, far surpassing industry standards.

Unilock Limestone, with its deep and gentle colors and fine surface texture, is ideal for creating walkways with an elegant but natural feel. Unilock Limestone offers a range of subtle grey shades for a handsome front entrance and matching walkways throughout your landscape. Unilock Natural Stone is also available in Step and Coping units to create beautiful transitions for multi-level backyards.


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Unilock Sandstone

Like Unilock Limestone, Unilock Sandstone is sourced from all over Europe and Asia, and is quarried and processed according to the strict ethical and humanitarian standards of the Ethical Trade Initiative. Unilock Natural Stone is also precision cut and calibrated to ensure ease of installation and a long-lasting hardscape.

Unilock Sandstone is ideal for giving your walkway design rich texture, and the Indian Coast and Autumn Harvest colors are ideal for ensuring a sunny character and summery visual warmth. Unilock Sandstone is also available in Stone Cliff Grey, which offers the option of a smart grey and provides the perfect, longer-lasting alternative to bluestone.



Thornbury pavers from Unilock offer the appearance of natural cut flagstone with a dramatic texture and a range of versatile size options. Thornbury is also compatible with permeable installation techniques and can therefore be used as a means for better rainwater management on your property. Thornbury is perfect for creating walkways that cut through lush softscapes and seem to blend into natural settings with their warm and earthy color options. Thornbury is also strong enough to be used for both residential and commercial driveway applications.


Beacon Hill Flagstone

With a slightly more subtle surface texture, Beacon Flagstone from Unilock offers homeowners the opportunity to create walkways with a captivating flagstone appearance in a wide range of authentic color options. Beacon Hill Flagstone offers the advantage of long-lasting, fade-resistant color with EnduraColor Facemix, as well as the design benefit of an extra large size option. The XL Unit can be used to create the impression of substantial scale for walkways, patios, and pool decks. While perfectly compatible with a traditional design aesthetic, this makes Beacon Hill Flagstone equally ideal for creating a luxurious modern look.


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Umbriano pavers from Unilock are equipped with a number of cutting-edge concrete technologies that make it the ultimate substitute for natural granite. ColorFusion Technology gives Umbriano its realistic mottled surface by randomly infusing color and hard-wearing minerals, including actual granite particles. Umbriano is also protected from marks and stains by integral surface protection, EasyClean Stain Resistance. This ensures that Umbriano pavers can be quickly and easily wiped clean without accumulating stains from grease, food, or organic debris. Umbriano is ideal for patios, pool decks, and driveways, as well as walkways with a refined natural appearance.


Brussels Block

Brussels Block pavers from Unilock offer a gorgeous weathered appearance, reminiscent of European quarried stone street pavers. With their antique, tumbled finish and natural tones, Brussels Block creates a welcoming aesthetic that is both sophisticated and rustic. As well as being an excellent primary paver for walkways, its small, versatile size options make it the perfect accent paver as well, allowing homeowners to accent and enhance a natural design style.



Richcliff pavers are part of the Unilock Elegance collection, and are crafted with exquisite attention to detail and quality. As well as offering stunning natural colors and magnificent texture, with Reala Surface Technology and EnduraColor Facemix Technology, Richcliff pavers are reinforced with Ultima Concrete Technology and offer up to four times the strength of poured concrete. When it comes to walkways, Richcliff pavers offer a relaxed, natural aesthetic full of charm and character. Richcliff paver walkways are the perfect complement to luxury homes, suburban havens, and modern houses in equal measure. To emphasize Richcliff’s historical character, pair it with Courtstone paver accents. Courtstone pavers, too, are part of the Elegance collection and offer all of the strength and durability advantages of Richcliff. The small size options of Courtstone make it versatile as an accent, and Reala Surface Technology ensures that Courtstone offers the authentic appeal of timeworn Cobblestone, as found in the paving the streets of old-world European towns and villages. The combination of these two pavers ensures the perfect balance of timelessness and natural detail.


The title image features a Richcliff walkway with a Courtstone border.


Stunning Pavers for Walkways with a Natural Look


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