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Our Quality

While planning an outdoor landscape project it is easy to simply focus on the design and purpose of the project, and not necessarily about how the features of the product chosen may be of benefit to you. Unilock products provide solutions that will satisfy even the most unique application! Such as an easy-to-clean surface or incredible color and wear performance. Below is a list of features exclu­sive to Unilock and what these Select™ features mean to you!

ColorFusion™ Technology: A proprietary coloring process that randomly disperses specialized color particles to create unique, bold, vibrant colors. For an example if you are looking for an honed granite product but are working with budget restraints, choose Umbriano® with ColorFusion Technology! It will allow for a unique granite like look while staying within budget.

EasyClean™ Stain Resistance Technology: An integral surface protection that allows for easier cleanup of spills then they happen and before a stain can develop. Umbriano® not only has a striking granite look appearance but features both ColorFusion and Easy Clean technologies.

Ultima™ Concrete Technology: A specialized propri­etary manufacturing process creates paving stones up to four times the strength of traditional poured concrete. If you are looking for a historical flair while still being able to withstand heavy loads, choose Copthorne®, Courtstone® (shown below) or Town Hall™ with Ultima Concrete Technology!

  • Copthorne
  • Courtstone
  • Richcliff®
  • Town Hall

Reala™ Surface Design: Ultra realistic textures cast from actual natural stones, bricks and cobblestones and cre­ated by utilizing the most technologically advanced molds available today. Do you love the look of natural stone but are unsure about the uneveness and how quickly it heats up? Richcliff with Reala Surface Design gives the same look and feel of natural stone with a more durable and consistent surface.

  • Copthorne
  • Courtstone
  • Richcliff
  • Rivercrest® Wall
  • Rivenstone™
  • Town Hall
  • Yorkstone™

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