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10 Basic Tips for Planning a Landscape Project

  1. Do your research – get pictures from magazines, Pinterest, Facebook, our design ideas gallery and more, to help envision your outdoor environment.
  2. If you are planning to hire a professional, create a short-list – make a list of contractors to evaluate your project and submit estimates.
    **Make sure you’ve seen their previous work and checked their references**
    **Selecting the right contractor doesn’t necessarily mean selecting the cheapest**
  3. Be PaverWise before you hire a landscape contractor – hiring a contractor to install your project can be a daunting task, download PaverWise to help you choose the right professional installer for your project.
  4. Educate yourself on the installation even if you’re not planning to install yourself.
    **Read our basic technical installation guide**
    **Watch our installation video**
    **Read more of our blogs**
  5. Like any home project, design your outdoor room with your specific needs in mind – Do you entertain often? Do you enjoy cooking outdoors? Do you require extra seating? Have you always wanted to incorporate paver lighting? By addressing your needs you will get the most out of your outdoor room.
    **Make a “want list” of things you wish to incorporate**
  6. Make a drawing of the area you intend to work with – this will help with the planning on site and the calculation of materials.
    **Don’t guess at the area you want to cover – the best tool to use when deciding on the size of your project is your garden hose, lay it out so it represents the perimeter of your project, place your furniture and other outdoor accessories to see how much room you have**
  7. If you are hiring a contractor, see if they can give you a drawing in 3D to help you visualize the job better – you can even download our software for free and play with the design yourself! It’s called Uvision™ 3D Landscape Creator!
  8. Pick up physical samples from one of our locations or Authorized Unilock Dealers – physical samples give you a better idea of color, texture and style.
  9. Ask questions through every step of your project– while visiting an Outdoor Idea Center or meeting with your landscape contractor have a list of questions prepared so you are well informed of cost, functionality, design and more.
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