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Enhance Your Outdoor Living with These Unique Outdoor Room Ideas

Enhance Your Outdoor Living with These Unique Outdoor Room Ideas

With summer coming up, you may be looking for an excuse to spend more time outdoors with your family. By enhancing your landscape with these outdoor room ideas, your backyard will become a favorite hangout this summer.


Poolside Outdoor Kitchen

With an outdoor kitchen, you can look forward to summer cookouts and BBQs, and what better way to combine these two pleasures of the season than by keeping your outdoor kitchen close to your pool? A poolside outdoor kitchen allows the chef to enjoy being a part of the poolside fun while ensuring that adult supervision is always available for younger kids. To protect against splashing, the grill island can be built behind a low wall, kept a suitable distance away from the pool edge, or placed at a higher level than the rest of the pool deck. For an outdoor kitchen that will be subjected to the messes of both pool chemicals and food spills, opt for a paver with advanced stain protection, such as Senzo or Umbriano. Both of these pavers are protected from stains by EasyClean Stain Resistance Technology from Unilock. Richcliff pavers, too, offer an excellent option for outdoor kitchens and poolsides because of their extreme strength and rich textures that provide a safe, non-slip surface. The deep colors of Richcliff pavers can be complemented to great effect with Courtstone accents and borders. With a Courtstone border, you can keep your outdoor kitchen visually distinct from your pool patio while maintaining their proximity.


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Patio Chess

Chess is a great way to teach kids the value of strategy and logic, but it doesn’t have to be played indoors. Why not incorporate a giant chess board into the design of your patio to make chess fully engaging for kids and grownups alike. A paver-inlay chessboard can be designed by a Unilock Authorized Contractor in such a way that when it is not in use, it can serve as a bold and attractive paver rug inlay. You may wish to keep your giant chess board ready and set up after each game, for whenever the mood strikes, or you may wish to stow the pieces for the sake of space. Talk to your Unilock Authorized Contractor about designing storage for your giant chess pieces into the permanent seating of your hardscape. For a giant chess board, you’ll need pavers that come in large squares of two contrasting colors. Series pavers are excellent for this purpose. Series comes in 6 x 6 inch squares in both Black Granite and Peppered Granite, making it ideal for creating the black and white squares of a chessboard.


Water Border

Pavers with deeply contrasting colors and bold textures are great for creating eye-catching borders around your outdoor rooms, but why not set your outdoor living area apart with something a little different? A Unilock Authorized Contractor can help to plan and install a border design that makes use of water as the contrasting element. This sort of border might even feature underwater lighting for a uniquely modern effect. Complement this with Artline pavers in the Tuscany color option for a contemporary look with a summery feel.


Swim-Up Bar

There’s no entertainment hotspot better than your own backyard bar. Take the concept to the next level by integrating your bar design into your swimming pool, in the form of a swim-up bar. A swim-up bar can be a great place to provide refreshment to swimmers during pool parties. You can even add underwater built-in bar stools so guests can sit a while and enjoy their beverages. A comfortable coping option is a must for this sort of feature: Consider the Fullnose Coping option of Ledgestone, for example, or imbue this luxurious feature with the magnificence of Natural Stone Fullnose Coping, which is available in Limestone for a sense of refined elegance or Sandstone for sunny warmth.


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A Sunken Seating Area

A sunken outdoor seating area creates a sense of comfort and intimacy. This idea can be enhanced by a fire pit or fire table placed in the center of the sunken permanent seating arrangement. Adding the element of fire to this classic luxury feature makes it a magical focal attraction for evening entertainment. Lend the rich texture and ultra-realistic detail of Rivercrest Wall to your sunken seating area to accentuate its cozy appeal, or create a luxurious modern feature with Lineo Dimensional Stone for the seating area with a matching Lineo Dimensional Stone fire table.


Backyard Movie Theater

For watching movies under the stars or catching the game while flipping burgers, a backyard movie theater can be an essential outdoor room for an avid backyard entertainer. The Brussels Dimensional System is a versatile wall unit that is perfect for the construction of outdoor TV stand as well as permanent seating for your outdoor theater. In addition, you’ll be able to complement your outdoor theater with a matching Brussels Dimensional System fire pit, and add embellishments to your vertical elements with the comfortable and refined Brussels Fullnose Coping.


The title image features an outdoor kitchen and pool deck with Richcliff flooring, Courtstone accents, Brussels Fullnose coping and Brussels Dimensional System verticals.


Enhance Your Outdoor Living with These Unique Outdoor Room Ideas


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