The Importance of Outdoor Seating in Bronxville, NY, Outdoor Kitchens | Unilock

The Importance of Outdoor Seating in Bronxville, NY, Outdoor Kitchens

The Importance of Outdoor Seating in Bronxville, NY, Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor entertaining makes summertime special. What’s better than sharing food and conversation with friends and family under the open sky? Of course, outdoor entertaining requires space to sit comfortably. The importance of outdoor seating in Bronxville, NY, outdoor kitchens can’t be underestimated, especially when entertaining a large number of guests.


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Not enough seating

Not enough seating can diminish people’s enjoyment of a backyard cookout – but you don’t have to go out and buy a lot of ugly plastic chairs just for a few summertime events. You don’t want to have a pile of stackable chairs that clutter up the garage only to pull them out a few times each season.

What happens when there isn’t enough seating for everyone who wants to enjoy a meal? They’re going to sit where you don’t want them to sit… or eat standing up (the #1 reason for condiment stains on clothing)… or haul out inappropriate (not outdoor-friendly) furniture from inside the house.


Too much seating

Too much seating is more of a problem in small outdoor kitchen spaces. Cramming too much furniture into one small area creates awkward traffic flow, and potential tripping hazards. In an effort to be more comfortable and have space to move around, people often feel free to move their chairs out onto the lawn. This can work, unless there has been a lot of rain and the ground is soggy.

Anytime you have moveable furniture, there’s also the problem of chairs and tables being dragged across the patio, which can cause unsightly scratches on the surface.

So… how do you ensure you always have the right amount of seating for both small and large gatherings, while maintaining easy traffic flow, safety, and comfort for everyone?


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The answer: seating walls!

Try seating walls! A seating wall that extends outward from your outdoor kitchen and surrounds the patio gives you plenty of clutter-free overflow seating that can accommodate dozens of people at the same time. This is especially important for small-space entertaining but it also makes a larger patio feel more intimate. Seating walls give your patio and kitchen area sophisticated appeal and a defined sense of space.

Seating walls can be constructed around trees, at the perimeter of a softscape, along walkways, or even in the center of a spacious patio – just place a planter, fire pit, or water feature in the middle, and you have a stunning and functional focal point!

The Brussels Dimensional System from Unilock is ideal for a seating wall that will see plenty of use. For a matching, timeworn aesthetic, the Brussels Dimensional System can be paired with Brussels Fullnose Coping and Brussels Block pavers, or given bold accents using Courtstone pavers.

And while you’re at it, you can add a firepit to encourage after-dinner lingering!

Seating walls are the most beautiful and practical option for ensuring there is always enough space for your guests to sit. And, they are a permanent and beautiful part of your outdoor kitchen space. There’s no need to cover them, store them, move them, or even replace them. For more inspiration, or to discuss a seating wall project that will transform your outdoor living space, connect with your Unilock Authorized Contractor today!


The title image features a Brussels Dimensional System seat wall and fire pit with Courtstone flooring and accents.


The Importance of Outdoor Seating in Bronxville, NY, Outdoor Kitchens


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