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Soften Your Pittsburgh, PA Hardscape with Greenery and Blooming Flowers

Soften Your Pittsburgh, PA Hardscape with Greenery and Blooming Flowers


Unilock Authorized Contractors in Pittsburgh, PA, understand that great landscape design goes beyond just the hardscape, and extends to every corner of the yard. Elements such as shrubs, trees, flowers and lawn are necessary to complement and harmonize with patios, walkways, pool decks and walls. The wide selection of products available from Unilock will help Pittsburgh homeowners turn their hardscape features into a refreshing areas balanced with plenty of greenery and colorful plant-life.


Retaining Wall Planters

A wonderful way to liven up your hardscape with plants is by incorporating built-in beds for plantings. Adding planting beds around your hardscape will create a beautiful place for flowers and even shrubbery or small trees. Raised plant beds can be utilized throughout your property in many ways. You can start by inserting plant beds around the perimeter of your outdoor living area to give it a sense of privacy and intimacy while eliminating the need for tall walls. Raised retaining wall planters can also be added on either side of a staircase that enters your outdoor living area or connects various outdoor rooms. These are perfect for softening the sometimes hard and angular feel of steps. Planting beds may also be spread out over multiple levels with retaining walls. By doing this you can divide a slope into terracing overflowing with greenery. Consider a versatile wall unit such as the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System from Unilock. This system allows for a range of different structures and presents a 2-unit system for creating dimensionally accurate and beautiful walls, retaining walls and raised plant beds. Interchangeable U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System fascia panels are available in a range of different colors and finishes. Its colors range from French Grey, to River, to Graphite, while the finishes include an Umbriano Finish, Pitched Face and Smooth Face.

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Lush Green Pool Areas

Greenery and flowers can even be taken into the realm of pool deck design The typical pool area has a large surface area of pavers around it’s edge that can be utilized for incredible design features. Rock formations or fountains can be used to border a pool area to form natural-looking plant beds for beautiful greenery and flowers. The plants can be showcased in combination with a rock formation or fountain to create a centerpiece within the backyard space.


Cut-out Plant Beds

Incorporating plants in cut-out plant beds is another fantastic and easy way to bring plants into an outdoor space. Accent pavers can be used to border a plant bed that is integrated into the surface of a patio or other hardscape. For this purpose, consider a paver that offers bold contrast, such as Courtstone or Town Hall in the Basalt color option.


Get the Design Expertise of Unilock Authorized Contractor

There are design elements both big and small that can be added to incorporate greenery and flowers into your landscape, and this list is far from exhaustive. Unilock Authorized Contractors have extensive experience with creative design, and can help to transform your landscape with shrubs, trees and flowers. Connect with a contractor in your area to create a beautiful hardscape and softscape today!

The title image features U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System wall and retaining wall planters.



Soften Your Pittsburgh, PA Hardscape with Greenery and Blooming Flowers

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