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Pool patio St Paul MN

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Beautiful Pool Patio Creations for Homeowners in St. Paul, MN

If you want to create a pool patio at your home in St. Paul, Minnesota, that’s affordable, long lasting, beautiful, and easy to maintain, turn to Unilock. Our landscaping products are made of durable, cost-effective concrete, but are specially manufactured to resemble natural stones, bricks, and cobblestones. Unilock’s concrete pavers are available in a wide variety of styles, and they’re also non-slip and resistant to chlorine, making them ideal for the ground surface of your pool area.
In addition to paving stones, Unilock can provide the following landscaping products for your pool patio:
• Wall systems – These products are handy not only for building walls, but also steps, pillars, waterfalls, fire pits, and any other vertical elements you would like to add to your pool area.
• Coping – This is the smooth edging surrounding your pool, closest to the water.
• Lighting – Our Skyfuel lights and NighTec® luminescent pavers provide additional safety after sunset and also make stunning accents.
• Accents and borders – You can choose one or more paver style from our Unilock Select™ collect to integrate into your pool patio design and create eye-catching accents, insets, and borders.
In 1973, Unilock was the first manufacturer to introduce concrete paving stones to North America. Since then, we have spent decades enhancing and adding to our selection of products. Today, Unilock products are used by hundreds of thousands of homeowners across North America and are a favored brand by contractors and design professionals alike.
For a free estimate on building a pool patio at your St. Paul, MN, home using Unilock products, please contact us today.

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