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3 Reasons why Pavers are the perfect choice for New Jersey landscapes

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New Jersey landscapes hold great potential for breathtaking natural views and hours of functional use. An intelligent hardscaping design is essential to harnessing your outdoor home’s full capacity, as it literally shapes your outdoor areas. Concrete pavers are a superior option due to their durability, extensive design offerings, and ease of maintenance. Read on for 3 reasons why pavers are the perfect choice for New Jersey landscape designs.

Stand Up to the Elements

New Jersey’s four distinct seasons offer delightful, year-round climate variability that keeps its residents in touch with the cycles of nature. At the same time, frigid winters and hot, humid summer months are not always so forgiving on outdoor hardscaping. Interlocking pavers provide an optimal solution to weather-related deterioration, as they flexibly expand and contract with seasonal temperature and rainfall patterns. Furthermore, Unilock’s priority manufacturing technology, Enduracolor Plus, guarantees a product that will not crack, peel, or fade over time. Resistant to salt erosion, Unilock pavers are the perfect choice for New Jersey winters wherein ice buildup is a common sight. Growing in popularity due to increasing township requirements, permeable pavers allow water to seep into the earth instead of puddling up or carrying harmful chemical runoff into local water supplies or residential pools.

Design Flexibility

In addition to being highly durable, pavers can bring nearly any aesthetic vision to fruition. When you choose pavers for your New Jersey landscape, you have access to an endless array of colors, textures, and formats. Concrete pavers are highly regarded for their ability to replicate almost any paving substance, including options that aren’t always practical such as wood or certain types of quarried stone. Moreover, paver patterns have a significant impact on the look and feel of your hardscape. An arching circular design, for instance, can add classic beauty to an otherwise bland, open space; likewise, borders, bands, and accents jazz up patios and walkways, and can even make limited spaces appear larger. Speak with a hardscaping expert to determine which paver patterns will best suit your overall design concept.

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Ease of Maintenance

Because of the often fast and furious pace of our lives today, homeowners are increasingly sensitive to the maintenance requirements of products for use in their homes. Pavers must only occasionally be swept and washed with water to preserve their functional and aesthetic integrity. Filling the cracks between pavers with polymeric sand makes them resistant to weed growth– just be sure to avoid spraying water directly into joints to prevent sand loss while cleaning. Unilock pavers undergo a specialized manufacturing process which protects against color fading and staining, meaning you can sit back and enjoy your landscape without much effort. In the event an individual paver becomes chipped or cracked, spot treatment, which involves simply removing and replacing the damaged piece, may be applied.
More and more Hew Jersey area homeowners are realizing the many benefits of selecting concrete pavers for their patios, pools decks, and driveways. With the durability, design flexibility, and ease of maintenance they offer, pavers are often the obvious choice for many. For more inspiration and information on planning your outdoor project, be sure to check out your free copy of the Unilock Idea Catalog here. If you’re ready to begin your paver project, reach out to a Unilock Authorized Contractor in the New Jersey area today!

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