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Natural Stone in Blue Bell, PA That Features Low Water Absorption

Natural Stone in Blue Bell, PA That Features Low Water Absorption

If you’re considering using natural stone in your landscape project, consider stone that is known for low water absorption and will ensure the longevity of your hardscape. Here are some natural stone options available in Blue Bell, PA that feature low water absorption:

Why does low water absorption matter?

Water absorption is the amount of water which is absorbed by natural stone. Water absorption affects structural integrity, especially over time, and especially in areas prone to freeze-thaw cycles (such as Blue Bell, PA). The negative influences of water on untreated natural stone are well documented: over time, water softens stone, decreases its strength, and contributes to its deterioration. In addition, when water contained in the stone freezes, the expansion of the ice causes splitting, cracking and flaking. Therefore, it’s vital to choose the right natural stone.

Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone features integrated surface treatments that prevent the absorption of water and enhance its natural beauty, thereby protecting the stone from the negative effects of water absorption. Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone is independently tested to ensure that it far exceeds industry standards of strength and durability.

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Unilock Sandstone

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock composed of quartz grains and bonded with minerals and sand over millions of years of pressure and heat. This makes sandstone a durable stone that is extremely hard-wearing and ideal for walkways and patios. Unilock Sandstone is specially treated to enhance its natural durability and beauty, while radically lowering its water absorption index. This, combined with its rich sand-like grain and characterful texture, makes Unilock Sandstone ideal for pool decks as well. The Indian Coast and Autumn Harvest color options can be used to create a seaside feel for your pool deck, or use the Stone Cliff Grey color option for natural elegance. Unilock Sandstone also features low heat retention and a non-slip surface, making it safe and comfortable for poolside hardscapes.

For multi-level hardscape designs, Unilock Sandstone is available in Natural Edge Step units to allow for smooth transitions and a unified aesthetic. Alternatively, steps can be constructed from Unilock Wall Units, such as the Brussels Dimensional System and topped with Unilock Sandstone Coping. Sandstone Coping is available in both Natural Edge and Fullnose Coping units.

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Unilock Limestone

Limestone consists mainly of calcite and has been used as a building material for millennia. This stone has no graining or crystalline structure, but features a refined surface with deep and gentle colors. Durable and beautiful, Unilock Limestone withstands extreme temperature changes and holds up well to frequent use on patios and walkways. The sophisticated color options of Black River, Hearthstone and Winter Mist make it an ideal option for contemporary, modern and formal designs, in addition to hardscapes with a more traditional style.

In addition to Natural Edge Step Units and Fullnose Coping Units, Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone is available in Pillar Caps that can be used to top both decorative and structural pillars throughout your landscape. Combine this with Fullnose Coping for your seating walls to ensure comfort and a unifying design for your vertical elements.

Consult your Unilock Authorized Contractor for ideas on which natural stone is best for your design style, and be sure to check out the latest Design Idea Catalog for more inspiration and information on using Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone for your patios, walkways and pool decks.


The title image features a Unilock Sandstone pool deck in the Indian Coast color option.


Natural Stone in Blue Bell, PA That Features Low Water Absorption

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