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Low-Maintenance Landscape Design Ideas for the Busy Huntington Bay, NY, Homeowner

Low-Maintenance Landscape Design Ideas for the Busy Huntington Bay, NY, Homeowner

When people from all walks of life are asked what they wish they could do more of, many times the answer is “I want to spend more time with my loved ones.” To help you achieve this, you don’t want to spend your weekends fussing with your landscape. There are so low-maintenance landscape design ideas for the busy Huntington Bay, NY, homeowner.


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More Outdoor Living Spaces

More outdoor living space means more opportunity to entertain and relax outdoors. Paver patios are beautiful, practical, and low maintenance. Having a larger outdoor living space also helps to narrow natural landscaping to just a few key choices that the homeowner desires the most (whether it’s a lush expanse of lawn, a natural wooded area, or perennial gardens).


Today’s paver products invite creativity and offer virtually unlimited design choices. Here are a few ideas to spark your imagination:

Brussels Block pavers give your outdoor living spaces the wonderful appeal of tumbled stone—perfect if you want a relaxed patio that reminds you of trips to the Mediterranean. These carefree pavers let you enjoy your space instead of worrying about it.

Promenade Plank pavers create an absolutely stunning ultra-modern patio that takes advantage of its long plank-like appearance. This paver line offers a variety of textures and finishes for a unique, eye-catching space.

Richcliff pavers are inspired by natural flagstone, but offer superior durability, many color choices and laying patterns, and ease of installation.

All three of these versatile pavers can all be used in multiple applications: not just the patio, but also pool decks, walkways, and even driveways! This creates a beautiful and cohesive look in your hardscapes.


Plant Native Perennials, Shrubs, and Trees

Nothing is less needy than native perennials. They are perfectly adapted to the climate, you buy them once and let them come back year after year, and they are much hardier than exotic plants that often require special care. Black-eyed Susans, Columbines, and Coneflowers are three native perennials that will brighten your landscape with cheerful color. Shrubs such as Redbud, Carolina Rose, and Winterberry, and native trees including Maple, Red Oak, and Pitch Pine will enhance your landscape with low-maintenance beauty.


Add Mulch or Crushed Stone to Flower Beds

In all flowerbeds, make liberal use of mulch. Mulch prevents weed growth, holds moisture, enriches the soil as it breaks down, and adds a wonderful aroma. If you don’t love the look of mulch, stone is another option. It also repels weeds and keeps water from evaporating. Stone can also be matched to your hardscape for a unified look.


Add a Stepping Stone Walkway

A stepping stone walkway would reduce (by a small amount) how much lawn you have to mow, and they invite you to use the entire yard instead of the area immediately adjacent to the home.


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Use Potted Plants

If you don’t like the idea of sacrificing a lot of natural landscape to a paver patio, consider potted plants to soften the look of the patio. This approach lets you plant annuals for a pop of color on your patio, coordinate the colors to the season, grow easy-keeping herbs next to your outdoor kitchen, and achieve the versatility of using potted plants as “room dividers.”


Consider Artificial Turf

If you have kids or pets, your yard likely sees a lot of heavy use. Artificial turf is zero maintenance. Even if you don’t have kids, you can create ribbons of artificial grass between xeriscape rock gardens for a virtually carefree landscape.


Invest in a Professional Irrigation System

Aside from the convenience, professional irrigation systems detect rainfall to prevent overwatering, and send the appropriate amounts of water to specific areas of the landscape.


The title image features Brussels Block pavers and walls made of Brussels Dimensional System wall blocks.


Low-Maintenance Landscape Design Ideas for the Busy Huntington Bay, NY, Homeowner

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