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Laying Patterns Using Natural Stone in Westport, CT

Laying Patterns Using Natural Stone in Westport, CT

The overall feel of a hardscape project can change dramatically using different laying patterns. To inspire your next project – whether it’s a patio, pool deck, or walkway – here are some interesting laying patterns using natural stone in Westport, CT:


Running Bond Laying Pattern

The running bond pattern is commonly seen with bricks but you can achieve a wonderful clean, sleek modern look by using large format pavers. This pattern requires using pavers that are the same size and normally rectangular in shape, however square pavers can also be used for a slightly different aesthetic. This pattern consists of staggered jointing lines that line up with the middle of the paver on the next course. This results in a smart, semi-regular appearance.

Try the running bond laying pattern with 12” X 24” or 24” X 24” Unilock Premium Quality Limestone slabs in the Black River color option for an impressive modern appearance. This laying pattern is demonstrated by the Limestone or Sandstone Pattern A and Pattern B pattern sheets, which are available for download as .pdf files by clicking here.


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The herringbone pattern is most commonly seen using smaller sized rectangular pavers. However, uniformly-sized large format natural stone pavers can be laid in a herringbone pattern to achieve a visually interesting look. Try this laying pattern with 12” X 12” Unilock Premium Quality Sandstone slabs.



Random patterns lend themselves to natural stone applications because they highlight the inherent individuality of each slab. “Random” rarely means completely random – it’s typically achieved using an “Ashlar” pattern than mixes large, medium, and small pavers laid in repeating, random-looking patterns. Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone slabs come in an assortment shapes and sizes to achieve this effect. As such there are a number of different random options to choose from. Ask your Unilock Authorized Contractor to recommend the best random laying pattern for your hardscape design, or request a computer-generated drawing of what a random pattern will look like as part of your design.


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Modified Basket Weave

Unilock Limestone and Sandstone Pattern D represents a new take on the traditional basket-weave laying pattern. While the traditional basket-weave is typically suited to uniformly-sized rectangular pavers (two pavers laid side-by-side, perpendicular to the adjoining pair of pavers) this modified version incorporates two different sizes – 18” X 24” and the 12” X 24”.


Beyond the pattern

There’s more to a successful natural stone laying pattern than just the pattern itself. The orientation is important too. Pavers laid at a diagonal to the border can add an extra dimension of visual interest. Define specific outdoor ‘rooms’ by using the same pattern but at a diagonal to each other (such as a diagonally-laid seating area and a perpendicularly-laid walkway).

Borders, too, help define the edges of your hardscape areas. This is a great way to highlight the color and texture of the natural stone used for your patio or pool deck. Visit the nearest Outdoor Idea Center for more ideas on how to incorporate different laying patterns into your natural stone hardscape design.


The title image features a patio incorporating Unilock Premium Quality Sandstone in the Stonecliff Grey color option, using a randomized laying pattern.


Laying Patterns Using Natural Stone in Westport, CT



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