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How to Make Your Natural Stone Walkways Stand Out in Mendham, NJ

How to Make Your Natural Stone Walkways Stand Out in Mendham, NJ


Natural stone is a popular material for luxurious hardscape designs. In Mendham, New Jersey, Unilock has many options to help make your stone walkway stand out against the rest of the design. When using such an elegant material, it’s important to not steal the show away from the natural stone. For that reason, the following design ideas are subtle, while helping to enhance natural stone features and your landscape design as a whole.


Accent with Pavers and Wall Units

One of the best ways to complement various types of Premium Quality Natural Stone is to accent the feature with Unilock Premium Quality Concrete Pavers and Wall Units. Since Sandstone comes in a variety of light and gentle color options, such as Autumn Harvest, Stone Cliff Grey, and Indian Coast, this natural stone is perfectly complemented by earthy tones. The earthy shades pair well with surrounding greenery and also draw attention to the more subtle colors of a Sandstone walkway. That is why Lineo Dimensional Stone is such a great match for Sandstone. With its smooth, zero-bevel design, this wall unit does not overwhelm the textures of the Sandstone, and with its subtle color options of Sierra, Almond Grove and Limestone, Sandstone’s depth of color and texture can be brought to the forefront. Similarly, earthy colors within the landscape, such as that of mulch or plantings can be used to complement colors such as Sandstone’s Stone Cliff Grey. Courtstone is another brilliant pairing for Sandstone walkways. Not only do the contrasting colors of these two pavers go well with each other, the textures do as well. Courtstone’s Reala Technology gives the stone its smooth, worn, natural look.

Limestone contains cooler tones of gray and blue which give the occupied space a sophisticated and modern look. The ideal pairings for this natural stone are pavers that accent the natural veins of the Limestone. That is why Senzo is a beautiful choice. The slow gradient of Senzo Nuvola – from dark to light grey – plays perfectly with the soft grey and deep blue colors of the Limestone. The Basalt and Steel Blue colors of Copthorne are an equally pleasant pairing. Because of its soft, weathered edges and dark colors, Copthorne creates contrast in the design without drawing much attention away from the Limestone.

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Add Complementary Textures

Natural Stone is a wonderful material to use, offering stunning natural textures, both subtle and rich. That is why paver accents with contrasting textures throughout your walkways can give you just what you need for a unique design. One common design trick is to run a single course of pavers with a complementary texture along either side of the walkway. This creates a small border that will showcase the beauty of the natural stone. Creating horizontal dividers incrementally along the walkway will break up the texture of the natural stone.


Showcase with Lighting

Natural stone is known for its beautiful texture. An elegant way to showcase this texture is to use lighting along the walkway. This makes the stone walkway that much more beautiful at night.

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The title image features a Stone Cliff Grey Sandstone walkway and front entrance.


How to Make Your Natural Stone Walkways Stand Out in Mendham, NJ

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