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Deciding Between Bluestone and Limestone for Steps in Spring Lake Heights, NJ

Deciding Between Bluestone and Limestone for Steps in Spring Lake Heights, NJ


When installing steps in a landscape, whether they are to access the walkway from the driveway or to provide a safe path from the patio to the top of a hill, there are certain characteristics that are critical. The balance lies in choosing a paving stone that supplies the proper surface with a beautiful appearance. Bluestone and Limestone are both natural stone options for outdoor steps, so here are some characteristics to help you decide between them for your Spring Lake Heights, NJ, project.


Bluestone for Steps

With its naturally rough texture, bluestone is a good choice for outdoor steps. It’s non-slip, making this a natural stone for steps that can get slick and icy in winter weather. It is flat and textured, with a beautiful blue hue, but can also have a gray, golden, green or even purple cast. The wide range of colors allows for blending well with many different exterior colors and materials.

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If you want the look of bluestone without the potentially limited supply, consider Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone or concrete alternatives. Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone is precision cut and comes in a range of colors. As natural stone, Unilock Limestone and Sandstone have been specially treated to guard against moisture and freeze thaw cycles, as well as to resist environmental damage with a less porous surface. In the way of concrete bluestone alternatives, Unilock offers a number of pavers with a distinctly natural texture and the deep gray, blue and brown hues of natural bluestone. Beacon Hill Flagstone, for example, is available in the shades of New York Blend, Steel Mountain and Fossil, emulating various types of natural bluestone, while offering EnduraColor fade resistance thanks to special Unilock manufacturing technology.


Limestone for Steps

Limestone is a sedimentary stone that takes many years to form. Like bluestone, limestone is durable and boasts a natural non-slip surface. Unilock Limestone comes in the captivating shades of Black River, Hearthstone and Winter Mist, making it perfect for blending with the natural colors of the landscape. Unilock Limestone also has a velvety finish with a very fine grain.

Limestone is an excellent choice for outdoor steps as it boasts many of the same qualities as bluestone. Unilock Limestone is available in Natural Edge Step units, as well as Fullnose Coping units that provide a safe, rounded edge to make your outdoor steps easy and comfortable to traverse. Typically, Limestone is well suited to a refined or modern outdoor setting and will give you wonderful curb appeal and a great return on investment.

To ensure sustainability and an ethical production line, Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone is quarried according to the strictest environmental and humanitarian codes of the Ethical Trade Initiative, as indicated by the Fairstone Logo. To support this cause, and to ensure that no child labor is used, laborers receive a fair wage, and that safe working conditions are maintained throughout the quarrying and processing of the natural stone you select for your landscape, opt only for responsible suppliers and manufacturers, such as Unilock.


Deciding Between Bluestone and Limestone for Steps in Spring Lake Heights, NJ


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