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Bluestone: What You Need to Know for your Project

Bluestone is a popular natural stone used in outdoor construction and landscaping, particularly for patios, walkways, and poolside surrounds. Bluestone’s fine grained surface and deep blue to light grey color is an attractive option for many homeowners in the Northeast. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this material as well as what sort of solutions Unilock provides in achieving the charm and authenticity of natural stone.

What is bluestone?

Bluestone is a variation of sandstone with a high feldspar content, ranging in color from deep blue, light gray, blue green to earthy brown, and is also occasionally formed from limestone. As such, bluestone has a fine, granular texture, making it a good non-slip surface suitable to pool surrounds and areas likely to be exposed to moisture or where good grip is desirable, such as stairs, front entrances, and backyard walkways. However, bluestone’s natural composition makes it porous, thus susceptible to water, ice and snow damage, as well as to chemical erosion from the chlorine or salt in pool water. To counteract this, bluestone requires special surface treatment or processing. Traditional bluestone is also susceptible to fading over time as minerals within its makeup oxidize and lighten when exposed to air and sunlight, so the deep blue that initially attracts buyers seldom lasts. The Bluestone we use here in the Northeast is mainly quarried in Pennsylvania and New York, as well as Newfoundland, with the limestone variant being quarried in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, but to an increasingly limited extent. Bluestone remains widely available throughout the United States, although availability is subject to quarry output and demand.


What is Natural Stone from Unilock?

As a reliable alternative, the Unilock range of natural stone is treated to withstand the environmental damage of ice, snow, sun and moisture. With specially formulated surface treatments, natural stone from Unilock presents a far less porous surface than traditional bluestone, meaning that water exposure poses no danger to the integrity of your patio, walkway, or poolside surround. While resistant to expansion and chemical erosion from exposure to pool water and environmental factors, Unilock natural stone remains naturally textured so that a strong tread is maintained, presenting a non-slip surface for any outdoor space. Unilock natural stone products also come with a lifetime guarantee and feature only the highest quality natural stone. This lifetime guarantee is the first of its kind in the industry, offering a natural stone solution that will stand the test of time.


Beautiful Colors for Your Patios. Walkways, and Pool Patios

The Unilock range of limestone includes the deep blue gray associated traditional bluestone in the form of the Black River and Midnight Shadow variations, with lighter shades being represented by the Hearthstone and Winter Mist variants. Black river and Hearthstone are both smooth, fine grained pavers with deep, even tones, while Midnight Shadow and Winter Mist present a more mottled surface and greater textural variation. For warmer shades of gray, Greyfield and Niagara Valley variations in Unilock sandstone range provide the sleek, attractive quality of bluestone with hints of earthy red and brown undertones.

Sizes and shapes of Natural Stone

Precision cut and calibrated for exact measurements and an even surface, Unilock natural stone range comes in an assortment of sizes and shapes to be used in a variety of laying patterns or suit the design of a specific area. Both square and rectangular pavers are available in the measurements 12” x 24”, 18” x 24”, 24” x 24” and 24” x 36”, each with a thickness of 0.75 inches. Unilock product line also includes coping with measurements of 12” x 48”, 12” x 72”, 16” x 48”, 16” x 72”, and a thickness of 2 inches. Unilock natural edge steps come in either 16” x 48” or 16” x 72” measurements, both 6 inches thick. Also available is complimentary 24” x 24” x 2.5” pillar caps.


Because it’s supplied by a vast global supply network, the availability of Unilock natural stone products is not dependent on the vagaries of any single quarry. Unilock is therefore able to maintain a steady supply to keep up with the high demand of our products. Sourcing stone from throughout Europe and Asia, and abiding to the strict standards of ethical trading, Unilock natural stone products remain readily available upon request.

Looking for inspiration for your Bluestone or Natural Stone project? Check out the Unilock Gallery here!


Unilock: A Better Alternative to Traditional Bluestone

Quite simply, Unilock offers a superior alternative to traditional bluestone, in terms of quality, durability and availability. From our technologically advanced surface treatment, ensuring longevity of color and low water absorption, to the precision of our cuts, and our varied range of vibrant and authentic colors, Unilock is committed to offering only the best natural stone products to our customers.
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