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Creating an Inviting and Atmospheric Fire Pit Seating Area in Boston, MA

Creating an Inviting and Atmospheric Fire Pit Seating Area in Boston, MA


Whether it’s for providing comfort to guests during outdoor gatherings or enjoying family evenings outdoors, a fire pit seating area is a valuable asset to any outdoor living area. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can ensure that your Boston, MA, fire pit seating area is comfortable and radiates an irresistible ambience:


The perfect fire pit

The first step to creating an appealing fire pit seating area is selecting a fire pit that matches your backyard aesthetic and offers you the functionality that suits your purposes. A circular fire pit, for example, fits well into a landscape design that incorporates curves and free-flowing lines. A circular fire pit also provides a more even distribution of heat and ensures that all guests seated around the pit will benefit. This design can accommodate a large number of guests, however, square fire pits are more space-efficient, and better for smaller groups. For a quick and easy solution, consider the Sunset Firepit Kit from Unilock, which is available in both square and round styles.

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Build a seating wall

A dependable seating wall is a mainstay for stunning fire pit seating area designs. With Unilock wall units, your options are open. While a uniform look, one in which the seating wall matches the fire pit, is an attractive option, it’s not always necessary. Consider experimenting with the classic stacked flagstone look of Rivercrest Wall, or go with the impressive aged rock appearance of Estate Wall.


Choose the right coping for seating

A good, comfortable coping is essential for providing comfort to guests and keeping family members outdoors to enjoy the night’s sky just a little bit longer. Unilock offers a number of suitable options for this purpose, including Ledgestone – the universal coping option from Unilock. Ledgestone provides comfort with its smooth, refined surface and snag-free edge. Ledgestone is available in both a natural ledge rock edge or Fullnose for ultimate comfort. As well as being structurally compatible with any wall unit, Ledgestone’s subtle color options, Buff and Grey, can be matched to any backyard color scheme.


Enhance the area with accents

A seating wall is not the only way to dress up the hardscape surrounding a fire pit. Consider incorporating accent pavers into your patio design. Pavers that are dark or vibrant in color can be used to enclose the fire pit or border the seating wall, in this way highlighting the features and inviting guests to take a seat and enjoy the comfort of a fire. Copthorne pavers, for example, make excellent accent pavers with their rich and vibrant Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, Old Oak, Basalt and Steel Blue color options.


Extra ambience

For that final touch, why not add a stunning counterpoint to the glow of your fire pit with a soothing water feature? Whether a pond, a fountain, or a waterfall feature, water and flame makes an interesting and eye-catching combination. Consider incorporating a wall fountain built using a wall unit that matches your seating wall and fire pit, or go with something with a modern art edge, such as a Lineo Dimensional Stone feature.

The title image features a Rivercrest Wall fire pit and seating wall with Copthorne accents in the Basalt color option.


Creating an Inviting and Atmospheric Fire Pit Seating Area in Boston, MA

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