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Is Bluestone the perfect patio material for homes in Stamford, Danbury, Greenwich, and surrounding Fairfield County. CT Areas?

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There is no doubt that the look and feel of natural bluestone is enticing for Stamford, Danbury, and Greenwich homeowners, particularly given the widespread use of the material in the region. With its deep blues and grey tones, the bluestone surface is rich and varied, making it ideally suited to the Fairfield County, CT aesthetic. The richly-textured surface also makes it a great non-slip surface for patios, pool surrounds, driveways, and walkways. However, there are some drawbacks. Bluestone is a highly porous material, meaning it expands a great deal when damp. This can make bluestone pavers susceptible to cracking and water damage. Bluestone may also hold natural flaws that may not become apparent until after they have been installed. Natural flaws mean that the strength of the rock can be inconsistent and unevenly distributed throughout the surface of the paver, causing it to crack under pressure.
Bluestone’s attractive color comes largely from its mineral composition. Unfortunately, over time, rain and sunlight leach minerals from the stone causing it to fade in color. This means that the deep blues and grays of new bluestone, freshly quarried from deep within the earth, can become a bit paler over a few years of exposure.

An alternative option to traditional Bluestone

If you think natural bluestone is the perfect patio material for your Fairfield County, CT landscape design, perhaps there is another option. Natural Stone by Unilock is revolutionizing the landscaping industry, bringing greater consistency and strength to natural stone. In addition to these timeless choices, Unilock is also bringing extremely naturalistic textures and colors to the surfaces of concrete pavers. Paver options such as Beacon Hill Flagstone and Richcliff are amazing alternatives for Danbury area homeowners.

Strength and durability of concrete pavers

Poured under controlled factory conditions, concrete pavers contain none of the strength flaws found in nature. The solidity of concrete pavers is completely uniform and they are guaranteed not to crack or chip under heavy loads. Concrete’s low porosity prevents water from being soaked into the paver so you don’t have to worry about water staining or color leaching. To back this up, concrete pavers manufactured by Unilock come with a transferable lifetime warranty.

Authentic fade proof surfaces

The two examples mentioned earlier, Richcliff and Beacon Hill Flagstone, are both treated with Unilock’s patented EnduraColor surface treatment so they’ll never fade and are designed for authenticity right down to the randomized natural stone texture and flecks of mineral coloring.


If it’s the color you’re after, there are plenty more examples of concrete pavers that match up. Concrete pavers frequently use natural stone powder for authentic color while concrete gives them their strength. This process allows for ultra realistic color and even the additional details of natural veins and deposits. Quartz and granite particles are also used to give concrete pavers their natural stone sparkle so that the surface maintains its lively sheen.

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At the end of the day…

There’s a concrete paver to suit your taste regardless of style or shape. With countless options, what concrete pavers do have in common is their sheer versatility and die-hard durability. While an attractive and versatile option, traditional natural stone and bluestone can leave a bit to be desired as a patio material choice. Where it falls short, Natural Stone by Unilock, as well as Unilock’s concrete paver choices, stand strong, offering solid alternatives for Stamford, Danbury, Greenwich, and Fairfield County, CT homeowners.

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