Bluestone Alternatives That Are Resistant to Expansion and Chemical Erosion in Oxford, CT | Unilock

Bluestone Alternatives That Are Resistant to Expansion and Chemical Erosion in Oxford, CT

Bluestone Alternatives That Are Resistant to Expansion and Chemical Erosion in Oxford, CT


Bluestone is a type of flagstone, and as beautiful as it is, unfortunately it is a porous stone prone to expanding, cracking, peeling, and chemical erosion. The good news is that you can find bluestone alternatives that are resistant to expansion and chemical erosion in Oxford, CT.

Why is bluestone so popular?

Bluestone offers a characterful appearance and a handsome, traditional style. Rich color variation and a natural texture create an exceptionally beautiful surface. Bluestone is especially popular as a pool deck and as a paver for entryways and stairs, because of its natural non-slip texture, even when wet.

What are the drawbacks to bluestone?

Bluestone is a porous stone which makes it susceptible to water damage. In areas with freeze-thaw cycles, such as Oxford, Connecticut, this can result in expansion which leads to cracking and flaking. Bluestone also fades over time. What’s most distressing is that chlorine, salt, and other chemicals can seep into the stone and cause it to erode, which can lead to unsightly stains and the need for replacement.


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What alternatives are there?

To get the gorgeous character of bluestone without the fading, peeling, cracking, and chemical erosion, here are several choices from Unilock:

Unilock Natural Stone

Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone is surface treated to significantly reduce water absorption and therefore drastically reduce erosion and expansion. This treatment also reduces fading and enhances the stones’ natural colors. Limestone and Sandstone from Unilock both come in a deep gray color options that are similar to bluestone; and both have a character-rich non-slip texture that makes these pavers suitable for pool surrounds.

Beacon Hill Flagstone or Beacon Hill Smooth

A popular choice for pool surrounds because of its texture, Beacon Hill Flagstone comes in several colors that are reminiscent of bluestone. These pavers are available in various sizes, including a large format XL Unit. Beacon Hill Flagstone also features Unilock EnduraColor Facemix Technology for long-lasting color and fade resistance. For a sleeker appearance, opt for Beacon Hill Smooth. Beacon Hill Flagstone and Beacon Hill Smooth can be accentuated using contrasting border pavers such as Town Hall pavers, or by pairing it with an elegant wall unit, such as U-Cara Multi-Face.


Richcliff concrete pavers are unique in that they are cast from hundreds of natural stone molds. This means no repetitive patterns and a beautiful natural appearance. These pavers are exceptionally strong – four times as strong as poured concrete – which gives them unparalleled durability. Unilock EnduraColor Facemix Technology ensures lasting color, and three different size options mean a variety of laying patterns that work with any architectural style.


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Thornbury is similar to Beacon Hill Flagstone in its natural stone appearance, but with a more pronounced texture and smaller paver sizes. These durable pavers also come in a number of sizes for a variety of laying patterns, and will remain fade-resistant for their lifetime. For a unified look, you can use these pavers poolside, on your patio, on walkways, and even on your driveway.

Bristol Valley

Bristol Valley pavers offer beautiful colors and subtle textures, and thanks to Unilock EasyClean technology, they are particularly stain-resistant. Bristol Valley pavers are durable and filled with the character of bluestone – but without the hassle!


The title image features a Beacon Hill Smooth patio with Town Hall accents and U-Cara Multi-Face verticals.


Bluestone Alternatives That Are Resistant to Expansion and Chemical Erosion in Oxford, CT


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