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Beacon Hill Smooth Pavers Are Perfect for a Sleek, Modern Pool Deck in Hurley, NY

Beacon Hill Smooth Pavers Are Perfect for a Sleek, Modern Pool Deck in Hurley, NY

A backyard pool is a great place to spend the summer. Make the experience even better by choosing Beacon Hill Smooth pavers around your pool deck. To create a user-friendly and beautiful pool deck, you want to choose a paver that combines safety, durability, ease of maintenance, and visual appeal – which is what Unilock pavers deliver! Here’s why Unilock Beacon Hill Smooth pavers are perfect for a sleek, modern pool deck in Hurley, NY:



Poolside safety should always be top priority when choosing pavers. Even though Unilock Beacon Hill Smooth pavers have a sleek and refined surface, they remain non-slip even when wet. Their smoothness makes them barefoot- and swimsuit-friendly, without compromising safety. Lighter-colored Beacon Hill Smooth pavers don’t absorb heat from the sun and remain cool to the touch, ensuring that they are always comfortable for bare feet.


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Beacon Hill Smooth pavers feature Unilock EnduraColor Facemix Technology, giving a superior composition, durability against pool chemicals and long-lasting color. The color permeates throughout the entire paver, meaning its beauty is not only surface-deep. This colorfastness helps contribute to their longevity as they are highly resistant to fading in bright sunlight and mechanical wear. The XL Unit also offers a hefty size option that creates an extremely stable and durable surface.



Not to be outdone by their utilitarian features, Beacon Hill Smooth Smooth pavers offer a sleek, modern look with minimal jointing lines. Their non-beveled edges, contemporary color palette and choice of random bundle sizes or extra-large rectangular units mean that they offer both a modern and timeless appearance that will complement your home.


XL Units

The aesthetic appeal of Beacon Hill Smooth pavers is undeniable. Beacon Hill Smooth XL Units are substantially larger than standard pavers, so laying them in a classic running bond laying pattern makes for a highly desirable modern look. Alternatively, opt for a more random and relaxed look by using three different sizes in a random or Ashlar pattern.


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Borders and Accents

When it comes to borders and accents, Beacon Hill Smooth pavers pair exceptionally well with Unilock Series pavers. Beacon Hill Smooth’s aesthetic is beautifully complemented with the brilliance and depth of quartz- and granite-infused Series pavers for a real “wow” factor right in your backyard.


Jointing Compound

Add a perfect finishing touch by choosing either a complementary or contrasting jointing compound. Matching the paver color results in a seamless and expansive look, while contrasting the colors of the pavers and jointing compound adds a dramatic flair.


Complementing with Wall Units

For a stunning complement to a Beacon Hill Smooth pool deck match it with the multi-faceted U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System. This wall system offers a sleek and refined look to complement Beacon Hill Smooth, as well as a number of Pitched Face options to create texture contrasts. The U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System features linear, plank-like fascia panels that are ideal for enhancing the modern aesthetic set by a foundation of Beacon Hill Smooth pavers.



With colors to match any architectural style and design aesthetic, Beacon Hill Smooth pavers are widely-compatible and ideal for a range of different moods. Tuscany, for example, offers a bright, sunny appearance, while Copper Ridge offers depth and warmth. Steel Mountain, on the other hand is cool, sleek and modern. This just to name a few of the diverse options.


The title image features a Beacon Hill Smooth pool deck and patio with U-Cara Multi-Face verticals.


Beacon Hill Smooth Pavers Are Perfect for a Sleek, Modern Pool Deck in Hurley, NY


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