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Alternatives to Natural Stone Pavers for Idyllic Walkways in Petoskey, Traverse City, Cheboygan

Any complete landscape remodel in Petoskey, Traverse City, or Cheboygan, MI should focus on cohesiveness and functionality. By choosing alternatives to natural stone pavers to construct your landscape’s walkways, you’ll also have access to matching building stones, coping, and other essentials designed to tie-in your aesthetic and complete your master design. Unilock concrete pavers offer durability, despite weather conditions or chemicals, increase safety by discouraging slips and falls, and come in various shades and coordinating units. While choosing pavers for your walkways, bear in mind your landscape’s focal points, complementary color ideals, and architectural tradition.


For walkways with the look and feel of natural stone designed to fit within your landscaping scheme, Unilock Rivenstone provides a widely appealing aesthetic as well as long-lasting quality. With a flagstone texture that is indistinguishable from the real deal and natural shading available in Bluestone and Canyon options, a walkway composed of these stones will complement your design, whether you require a walkway through your softscapes or a path to each featured destination within your yard.

Bristol Valley

For a contemporary twist on the appeal of flagstone, Unilock offers Bristol Valley pavers. While these stones have the clean lines of modern design, the aesthetic is warm, rich and welcoming, particularly when the chosen laying pattern utilizes the varied sized pavers to create an unexpected look. With subtle coloring in the shades of Almond Grove, Granite, and Sierra, you and your designer can plan out a complementary design with accents and borders. Beyond design, these pavers embrace the practical with an easy clean and fade resistant finish to make sure that your investment of time and money into walkways for your property remains beautiful and functional for as long as possible.

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Yet another alternative to natural stone pavers for your walkway is Richcliff by Unilock. Similar to both Rivenstone and Bristol Valley, these pavers embrace the history of flagstone, providing class and elegance to either a traditional or modern design. A granite and quartz blend, Richcliff pavers are fade-resistant and four times as strong as poured concrete while being immeasurably more beautiful. Color options include Dawn Mist or Pebble Taupe, you can also opt for a blend of the two prepared on-site for a unique, cohesive appearance. Whether your property is modern, colonial, or estate-esque, these pavers can create a unique walkway, ideally suited to your particular property and tastes.


A walkway should never seem bland or sterile; moreover, the warmth and casualness associated with the home should extend to your walkways. How can one embrace enjoying a day outdoors in the yard when faced with a sidewalk-esque pathway? Thornbury pavers can create a walkway that speaks of home, nature, and relaxation. These pavers are designed to create a random appearance in shades of Bavarian, Sierra, or Sycamore with a flagstone finish that is fade-resistant.

Brussels Block

If your architectural preferences lean toward the past, consider Brussels Block. Particularly well-suited to a natural setting where modern-looking stones may seem out of place, this paver option has the appearance of being time-worn and classic. While maintaining the quality and durability of other Unilock products, this item suits residential architecture where the goal is to make one feel at home while retaining classic sensibilities.

The title image features a walkway of Thornbury pavers with a Brussels Block border, flanked by Brussels Dimensional Stone low walls.

Alternatives to Natural Stone Pavers for Idyllic Walkways in Petoskey, Traverse City, Cheboygan MI

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