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5 Concrete Paver Choices Perfectly Matched for Greenwich, CT, Fairfield, CT Landscapes

Concrete Pavers for Greenwich, CT and Fairfield County, NY Landscape Designs
Greenwich, Connecticut, as well as the surrounding Fairfield County areas, are known for their luxurious homes, traditional architecture, and cultivated residential landscapes. As such, they deserve their own special selection of concrete pavers to go perfectly with the look and feel of the region. Here are five popular paver choices perfectly suited to the elegant opulence of CT landscape design.

Copthorne Pavers

Unilock’s Copthorne is an old English brick-style paver cast from durable concrete. The range of colors includes Basalt, Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, Old Oak, and a medley option of the latter three. Perfectly suited to Greenwich’s tendency to favor charcoal and grey color schemes is the Basalt color option. Basalt borrows its name from a dark, fine-grained volcanic rock formed by rapidly cooling lava. The paver’s appearance is just as dramatic with deep, dark, and rich shades allowing for a lighter jointing to enhance your choice of paver pattern. The Basalt option is excellent for creating traditional style driveways and walkways with a formal, masculine appeal.

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Courtstone Pavers

Courtstone has the timeworn look and old school charm of European cobblestone, making it perfect for enhancing the traditional architecture of Fairfield County homes. Granite and quartz particles give these pavers their attractive polished surface. Unilock’s Courtstone paver comes in several color options, including Basalt, Belgian Blue, Dawn Mist and Pebble Taupe as well two medley options that are blended on site. All are perfectly suited to Greenwich area homes for different reasons. The Basalt and Belgian Blue options (as well as their medley option) create the blue/grey effect similar to Copthorne’s Basalt, while the Dawn Mist and Pebble Taupe is excellent for bringing a softer, earthier feel to your outdoor areas while maintaining their vintage appeal.

Richcliff Pavers

These elegantly cut flagstone-like pavers are brought to life by their vibrant natural stone texture and authentic coloring. The Dawn Mist color variation provides shades of gentle natural blues and greys while the Pebble Taupe once again creates a warm, earthy surface. Richcliff pavers from Unilock are perfect for creating welcoming patios, non-slip pool surrounds, and stately CT paver driveways. These pavers are perfectly suited to older style homes, but the rich texture and natural coloring also make them ideal for a more modern, minimalistic look. Richcliff has fast become a favorite in the area and continues to satisfy Greenwich, CT homeowners.

Tribeca Cobble

Another great concrete paver choice for accentuating your CT home’s Colonial or Cape Cod style. These cobblestone style pavers are rough rather than smooth like the Courtstone paver, and pitted with a fine, peppered texture that speaks of the quaint, well-serviced streets of America’s oldest towns. A Tribeca Cobble driveway will set your curb appeal ahead of the rest with its Crystalline Basalt and Peppered Granite color variations and its unrefined beauty. The texture of Unilock’s Tribeca Cobble paver also makes it a handy solution to steep driveways that have a tendency to become slippery during Connecticut’s frosty winters.

Beacon Hill Flagstone

Beacon Hill Flagstone’s historical aura makes it ideally suited to the Greenwich, CT region, while the modern cuts and size variations of Unilock’s Beacon Hill Flagstone bring a fresh perspective to traditional natural stone flagstone. Its versatility makes it ideal for any hardscaping project, particularly the luxurious patios and sprawling landscapes popular in the area. With its gentle color options and randomized paver laying patterns, Beacon Hill Flagstone is a sure win for your Connecticut home.
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