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5 Benefits of Using Unilock Pre-Built Outdoor Fireplaces in your Glen Cove, NY, Landscape

5 Benefits of Using Unilock Pre-Built Outdoor Fireplaces in your Glen Cove, NY, Landscape


Fitting your Glen Cove, NY, outdoor living space with a fireplace is the best way to extend the time you spend outdoors and ensure that you make the most of your property investment. However, there are various reasons why one may opt to have a pre-built outdoor fireplace installed as opposed to having one designed and constructed from scratch. If you aren’t yet sure which route is best for you, consider the following benefits of opting for pre-built fireplaces from Unilock:


All Aesthetic Themes Welcome

Unilock offers pre-built outdoor fireplaces of various sizes comprised of a selection of the most superb materials. This selection of pre-built fireplaces offers something to suit every aesthetic theme. The Barcelona pre-built fireplace, for example, features a sandy color scheme and lightly weathered look that makes it perfectly suited to elegant Mediterranean landscape designs. The Tuscany pre-built fireplace, on the other hand, features dark earthy Copthorne accents that give it an Old World look that is better suited to historical architecture and traditional landscaping. The Moda pre-built fireplace features the precise edges and flawless surfaces of Lineo Dimensional Stone, which contribute towards a sleek structure perfectly suited to contemporary hardscapes.


Rapid Results

Unilock pre-built fireplaces are stocked in preparation for immediate shipment and can be installed within a day. Building a fireplace from scratch, however, involves the initial design process, the selection and purchase of materials and construction. Entrusting the design and structural integrity of a pre-built fireplace from Unilock enables you to enjoy its warmth and ambience a great deal sooner than if you were to embark on constructing your own customized fireplace.


Consistency and Reliability

Pre-built fireplaces from Unilock are made using quality-controlled manufacturing techniques. This ensures that each fireplace is consistent with the pictures displayed online. You are, therefore, guaranteed to receive a pre-built fireplace complete with all the accents and details you fell in love with at first sight.

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Naturalistic Options

The Bella pre-built fireplace from Unilock is comprised of Rivercrest Wall, which is renowned for its ability to emulate real stacked flagstone. Reala Surface Technology is utilized to produce convincing concrete substitutes for natural stone from moulds cast from authentic samples. The Umbriano pavers used to accent the Barcelona pre-built fireplace feature spontaneous color gradients created using the innovation of ColorFusion Technology. The subtle gradients and random patterns of pigmentation created allow Umbriano pavers to serve as excellent substitutes for real granite.


Unbeatable Durability

Concrete pavers trump most other landscaping materials in strength and longevity due to recent technological advancements made in their production and reinforcement. Unilock goes one step further, however, by incorporating Ultima Concrete Technology into the manufacturing process of many of their concrete products. The Copthorne accents that adorn the Tuscany pre-built fireplace, for example, are reinforced using this technology and bear four times the strength of poured concrete as a result.

The title image features the Barcelona Pre-Built Fireplace on an Umbriano paver patio.


5 Benefits of Using Unilock Pre-Built Outdoor Fireplaces in your Glen Cove, NY, Landscape

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